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update transformation

Typo correction.

documentation rebuild
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docs: modify banner to inform users that 2.2 is no longer maintained
happy new year's documentation rebuild
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Happy New Year 2018

Backport of r1820101 from trunk

resp. r1820103 from 2.4.x.

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Ensure docs follow suit
And we are nominally at 2.2.34 although any further release is most unlikely
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Remove 3DES by default for users of older crypto librarys; the cipher

has been reclassified in current OpenSSL releases as WEAK due to 112

or fewer bits of remaining cipher strength, while the Sweet32 disclosure

extended the criticism of RC4 on to 3DES. (IDEA, which potentially has the

same issue, is never enabled by default in OpenSSL, due to patent concerns.)

This commit does not change default httpd behavior, but alters the suggested

behavior of newly provisioned httpd servers. Where adopted, XP with IE8 will

no longer handshake with mod_ssl (previously, XP with IE6 would not handshake.)

The same net effect occurs where OpenSSL is updated to 1.1.0.

update transformation

XML update.

As per

the -R option has been gone for ages.


XML update.


XML update.

And we are at 2.2.33-dev
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update transformation

Regenerated all docs for release
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XML updates.

backport HTTP strict processing from 2.4.x.

This backport is hand-constructed from many commits of HTTP strict,

subsequent fixes, as well as dependencies that hadn't been backported

to 2.2.x.

The bulk is merged from httpd-2.4.x-merge-http-strict branch r1767941 - r1775671

Further details on httpd-2.2.x-merge-http-strict

Submitted By: sf, wrowe

Reviewed By: covener, ylavic, wrowe

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Fix a typo spotted in an old comment
Update Xforms.

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I think we need to set retirement here.

Otherwise a full rebuild resets the retirement

info in manual/style/manual.LANGUAGE.xsl.

Use the same retirement info for korean docs

as for all others.

Followup to r1732029.

Happy New Year 2017

Backport of r1776956 from trunk resp.

r1776957 from 2.4.x.

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I really just did that on my test-merge branch??? fueque... reverting r1775787
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Resigning my first attempt to get patches through the 2.2.x process, and

revoking my ratification of a list of patches (e.g. -1 as had been applied,

including my own submissions - I will revert in any case, where misordered.)

Proposing that we start with the same branch model as used on 2.4.x to get

through too many many-year-old patches to idly browse through; replay these

in mostly-sequential order, and bring 2.2.x up to 2.4.x in the affected areas

of code, and finally this proposal suggests the same merge as was applied to

2.4.25 GA release, modulo all our new crazy APLOGNO fun.

There is not much to see here, other than to compare rev no's of what had

been applied/proposed reverts to the list of patches on the 2.2.x merge

branch... the interesting data is on that merge branch. But extensive testing

against the resulting code is critical to our hope of offering a last 2.2.x

release to close that chapter. TIA to each and everyone who assists!

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update transformation