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Improve platform detection for bundled PCRE by updating config.guess

and config.sub.

Submitted by: rjung

Reviewed by: wrowe, humbedooh

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Replace /GX compile flag which was always an alias of /EHsc

(/GX is deprecated). Drop /machine link flag which was always

implicit, and MS has moved from different /machine flags twords

using alternate linker binaries. (And of course, link is a bit

late to choose machine architecture anyways, if the user hadn't

used the correct compile flags.)

Backports: 395419, 397407

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Merge r233493 from trunk:

* srclib/pcre/pcre.c (read_repeat_counts): Check for integer overflow.

Obtained from: pcre 6.2 upstream

Reviewed by: jorton, nd, wrowe

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drop .cvsignore files

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general property cleanup

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Add svn:ignore properties for PCRE to match what is in trunk.