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core: Add MaxRanges directive to control the number of ranges permitted

before returning the entire resource, with a default limit of 200.

Set 'Accept-Ranges: none' in the case Ranges are being ignored with

MaxRanges none.

Backport of r1162584, r1162587, r1166282, r1166663 and r1166667 from

trunk resp. r1164894, r1164896, r1166612 and r1166772 from 2.2.x.

Proposed/Backported by: rjung

Reviewed by: wrowe, covener

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Merge r1028797, r1028799 from trunk:

Add a note about LimitRequest* and name-based vhosts as followup on PR#7741

make the name-based vhost note a warning based on offline discussion with Rich

Add correct context for LimitRequest* as per bug #7741

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Patch from Mark Watts. Mention ProxyErrorOverride.

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Merge r661942 from trunk:

apachectl configtest or httpd -t doesn't show a list of config files

Merge r653856 and r655438 from trunk:

note that KeepAliveTimeout of the first defined virtual host

in the set of NameVirtualHost will be used

PR: 36770

merge from trunk revision 475698:

TimeOut can be set in a vhost context

Submitted by: Eric Covener

Reviewed by: Jeff Trawick

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update license header text
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Documentation patch submitted by Matt Lewandowsky. Corrects to new name

for the handler.

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Revert 395235, the major copyright fubar by me.

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Update the last year of Copyright for the 2.0.x branch.

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Warning about mixing +/- with bareword Options

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fe80::/16 is for link-scope link-local addresses in IPv6, they are not

for going in Listen directives, VirtualHost blocks, or anything like

that, and won't work.

Perform a mass search and replace: 2001:db8 for fe80. 2001:db8 is the

IPv6 documentation prefix. See RFC3849 for more details.

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Very important to point out exactly where this is available and where

it is not, since TraceEnable extended is likely to be used to confirm

behavior between differing types of servers, including 1.3/2.0/2.2

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fix TraceEnable docs

TraceEnable docs, backported

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Backport changes to LimitRequestFieldSize docs to reflect

the lifting of a related restriction in 2.0.53. This

was a missed portion of that backport.

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ErrorDocument updates.

apply doc improvements from 2.1

Update copyright year to 2005 and standardize on current copyright owner line.

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conf: Remove AddDefaultCharset from the default configuration because

setting a site-wide default does more harm than good.

MFC: 111581

PR: 23421

Reviewed by: fielding, erikabele, jerenkrantz

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Change 'directory' to 'resource': just the word 'directory' led some

users to the wrong assumption that Require isn't allowed in <Files>


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As reported in bug ID 32635, the regex was not quite what it promised to

be. Thanks to

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use <program>

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fix link to LoadModule

Minor clarification for the purpose of closing bug# 18101. Specify that

Include and LoadModule relative paths are relative to ServerRoot, not to

some other location.

adjust properties and revision expansion of the English docs

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