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core: Add MaxRanges directive to control the number of ranges permitted

before returning the entire resource, with a default limit of 200.

Set 'Accept-Ranges: none' in the case Ranges are being ignored with

MaxRanges none.

Backport of r1162584, r1162587, r1166282, r1166663 and r1166667 from

trunk resp. r1164894, r1164896, r1166612 and r1166772 from 2.2.x.

Proposed/Backported by: rjung

Reviewed by: wrowe, covener

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fix comment

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fixup on .tr extension

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add turkish language definitions

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more URL fixes

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Add two redirect-carefully's from the trunk.

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Changed "Files ~" to "FilesMatch" in the config files. People seem to

have a hard time noticing the ~ in there, which then leads to confusion

about how Files works.

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Include "Indexes" in the AllowOverride comment in the default


Add redirect-carefully BrowserMatch for FrontPage.

PR: 32842

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Reverse r168030 and delete the corresponding error doc file

because the custom error doc can't present as much info

as the internal error doc.

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WebDAVFS (1.3) is still broken in OS X Tiger.

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Add missing ErrorDocument 406.

PR: 28581

conf: Remove AddDefaultCharset from the default configuration because

setting a site-wide default does more harm than good.

MFC: 111581

PR: 23421

Reviewed by: fielding, erikabele, jerenkrantz

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Backport japanese error messages and conf changes.

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final property cleanup

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