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Okay, enough damage for tonight. If any of this is wrong, someone please

scream. If not, I'll try and do some more tomorrow; I'm just being extra careful.

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Convert log_*() to aplog_error().

Wow! This module wins the prize for most calls to error...



remove unreachable code

Add the post read-request phase placeholder to the structures

in the standard modules.

PR: 1009

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added child_exit hook for modules


Obtained from:

Submitted by: Doug MacEachern

Reviewed by: Dean Gaudet

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Remove header files that are already included by other headers.

This avoids problems on some OSes that can't handle the same header

being included twice.

Reviewed by: Brian Behlendorf, Dean Gaudet

Submitted by:

Obtained from:

fix seg fault if there is an error decompressing

PR: 904

Submitted by: Martin Kraemer <>

Reviewed by: Dean Gaudet

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Added missing header-parser entry in module structure.

Submitted by: Martin Kraemer

Added child_init method.

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Files often compile better when statements are terminated by semicolons.

Reviewed by:

Submitted by:

Obtained from:

Use STD{IN,OUT,ERR}_FILENO as dictated by posix.1.

Submitted by: Stanley Gambarin <>

Reviewed by: Dean Gaudet

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General mod_mime_magic cleanup.

The fixes include:

- change DEBUG define to MIME_MAGIC_DEBUG to avoid namespace


- change fprintf(stderr, ...) into log_printf

- remove '\n's from log_printf calls

- couple of possible buffer overflow cleanups

- minor spelling cleanup

Reviewed by: Ian Kluft, Jim Jagielski

Submitted by:

Obtained from:

-Wall cleanup

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Added mod_mime_magic.

Submitted by: Ian Kluft <>

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