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general property cleanup

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Because ReadmeName and HeaderName must resolve to a text/* file, some

people are having difficulty because they are using a file name of

README and HEADER, which is then not loading as desired. Changing the

default in the config file to something that works by default seems to

be the right move here.

Picking nits: Correct URL for the documentation.

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Standardize on names, never bogus style

entries. Roy attacked this recently, but apparently there are some

holdovers or reversions to this policy.

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As in 2.0: remove the proxy config from httpd.conf to try to prevent

people from shooting themselves in the foot.

A similar example that people can cut-and-paste is now in the

mod_proxy docs.

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Replace * with *:80 in the example configs to remove some of the

confusion inherent in the "*-port and non-* port" error message.

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Make the connection between AddType and AddEncoding a little clearer.

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Remove comments that have been false since 1.3.6 and cause much

confusion to beginners.

language code for Czech is 'cs', not 'cz'.

PR: 9427

Reviewed by: Jeff Trawick, Bill Stoddard

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Fix chinese default page.

- Fixed AddLanguage directives in default configs

PR: 18025

Reviewed by: Jeff Trawick, Bill Stoddard

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No objections, so put it in:

Use the correct locations of srm.conf and access.conf when tailoring

the httpd.conf during the install process.

PR: 9446

Submitted by: Stanislav Brabec <>

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Setting Listen changes where you are listening. Hence, s/in addition

to/instead of/

Thanks to Peter Nelson for pointing this out.

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switch x-icon to httpd.conf instead of mime.types

(could have sworn I committed this earlier this morning)

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Fix typo in default config files related to Swedish language


PR: 9906, 10040

Obtained from: Tomas �gren <>,

Dennis Lundberg <>

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It's clear from recent security reports that including configuration

examples for non-core add-ins with our default .conf files causes some

admins to bypass actually researching -how-to-configure- the given

add-in module. While this example was nice, we need to find another

useful example, in addition to x-tar perhaps, to make this clearer.

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Already patched in the 2.0 tree - make all .conf's reflect the applicable

DNS rfc's that underbars aren't permitted - why should our examples show

administrators otherwise?!?

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Right this change to conform to my minimal interpretation of Ken Coar's

veto over creating /manual/ under ServerRoot. It's possible he also

ment to veto the Alias, I'm not clear. If that's the case, these alias

sections can be removed entirely. I personally believe they are goodness.

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Add Norwegian Nynorsk translation of welcome page.

Submitted by: Roy-Magne Mo <>

Reviewed by: Ragnar Wisl�ff <>, Tor Hildrum <>

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Parallel to a change in Apache-2.0, the manual directory was moved out of

the DocumentRoot tree to simplify the separation of private

content&configuration from server's on-line documentation. An "Alias

/manual/ ..." projects the manual/ directory (which resides now

side-by-side with the icons/ directory) into the logical DocumentRoot.

Note that a request to http://server/manual (without the trailing slash)

will now behave different than before (it used to redirect to

http://server/manual/ but no longer does).

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Bad file reference.

PR: 5815

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Make sure that we *really* deny access to .ht* files..

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Print a warning when an attempt is made to use line-end comments.

Apparently they are not detected/handled gracefully by all directives.

Also, change one occurrance (Group #-1) to use a quoted string (Group "#-1")

Reviewed by: Ryan Bloom

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Hmmm... the 2.0 versions are still easier to read, but this seems

finally pretty clear.

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Answer the (single most?) common FAQ of trailing slashes on Aliases

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I added configurable EBCDIC configuration functionality to http_core.c;

because conversion is a base feature, this looked like the only sensible

place to me. Other basic features like Resource limits live there too.

* make EBCDIC conversion truly configurable. Up to know, there was a

hardwired assumption that only files of MIME type text/* (and a few

exceptions) could be EBCDIC files; and everything else HAD TO BE

binary. This assumption breaks (again and again) for MIME types like

application/postscript, model/vrml, application/x-javascript and

others, which can never be stored as EBCDIC text files.

I now implemented two new directives for defining the conversion

based on MIME type or file extension. The conversion can be set for

upload and download independently, on or off, for any file.

* make EBCDIC conversion symmetric. Up to now, there was no clean way

to deal with uploaded content (POST with Content-Type:, PUT with

Content-Type:) because a) there was no MIME checker attached to the

header-reader, and b) you could not actually define a conversion

based on MIME type. Both deficiencies have now been addressed (the

ap_checkconv_in() routine is called upon parsing of an uploaded

Content-Type: line, and it can set a flag which is different from

the download conversion flag. Also, its change is triggered at a

different phase in the request handling: the upload conversion

is set as soon as a Content-Type: for an uploaded document is

detected, but the download conversion is only set when the

response is about to be returned). All this was impossible in the


* unify the EBCDIC tables to be in a single common file

src/ap/ap_ebcdic.c (and src/include/ap_ebcdic.h) instead

of having redundant copies under src/os/{tpf,bs2000,os390}/ebcdic.{c,h}

The common file will have the correct translation table

conditionally compiled based on #ifdef TPF/OS390/_OSD_POSIX.

Up to now, each EBCDIC had its own copy, cloned and slightly


* Also, put the conversion checker ap_checkconv() to http_core,

because is is an essential central cog in the whole conversion

clockwork. Until now, three almost incompatible copies were

spread throughout the EBCDIC platforms' os.c files.

Reviewed by: "David McCreedy" <>

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Add the correct language tag for interoperation with the Taiwanese

versions of MSIE and Netscape.

PR: 7142

Submitted by: Clive Lin <clive@CirX.ORG>

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Trailing slashes (if they exist) are now removed from ServerRoot,

because there were known problems with them.

Submitted by: "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>

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Correct a typo in httpd.conf.

Submitted by: Kunihiro Tanaka <>

PR: 7154

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.

Just docco to and more notes for the

ScriptInterpreterSource registry directive under Win3.


Obtained from:

Submitted by:

Reviewed by:

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Encourage people to use the simpler NameVirtualHost * syntax for new


Also, replace the example hostnames by something syntactically valid.

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