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Prepare for --avoid-dbm option to apu-1-config.
soften up the cookie parser

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add -fno-strict-aliasing to maintainer

mode, otherwise this beast won't compile.

Use --avoid-ldap with apu-1-config where available.
Make input brigade volatile in order to give hints to GCC.

Revert -fno-strict-aliasing, which breaks some compilers.

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Link APREQ docs to version specific APR/APU docs.
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libtool version 1.5.x on Sun OS (tested 5.10)

have a typo


this should be


since no version of libtool gets this correct, we

manually edit ./libtool after it is generated to correct this,

but only on Sun OS.

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line wrap

Apparently SunOS (tested 5.10) doesn't like -lexpat and -lhttpd/lib/ to be specified simultaneously

In this case, we now strip -lexpat and use the one from httpd.

ld: fatal: recording name conflict: file `/usr/sfw/lib/gcc/i386-pc-solaris2.10/3.4.3/../../../' and file `httpd/lib/'

provide identical dependency names: (possible multiple inclusion of the same file)

bsdtar (default on FreeBSD) is nolonger with the Fedora Core series FC5 and higher.

Fortunately, FreeBSD has gtar available as a port (/usr/local/archivers/gtar)

which will be used by default now on this platform via some foo.

This change should only affect release managers and make the resulting tarballs

usable by all.

Reported by: Bojan Smojver <>

Message ID : <> (start of thread)

Redhat Bug :

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based on this, add -fno-strict-aliasing to work around gcc oddities with the APR_{RING|BRIGRADE}_* macros

particularly on linux based platforms.

Reported by:

s/mod_perl/mod_perl2/g in version checks

Add MakeMaker options flag.

Submitted by: Philip Gollucci

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When testing perl prerequisites, warn, rather than die, on

failure, so as CPAN clients have a chance to install missing


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Apply Max Kellermann's "[PATCN] apreq_quote() fixes and more":

Submitted by: Max Kellermann

Reviewed by: joes

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aclocal wants brackets around APR_CONFIG_NICE.

Submitted by: Edward Sabol

Reviewed by: joes

Make our "libtool current interface" number depend on apr's

major number. This allows libapreq2 to be installed into a

system-wide location while avoiding ABI conflicts arising from

our apr-based interfaces.

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Add --with-apache2-httpd option so users can override apxs's

notion of where the httpd executable is. XSBuilder's header

parser runs from buildconf now instead of configure, so we

will include those tables in the release tarball. buildconf

gets an additional --with-perl option for running the

parsing script. The XS generation code in has moved

to glue/perl/Makefile.PL.

Notes: This patch probably breaks the Win32 build, and the new arg

parsing code for buildconf is copied from httpd's buildconf script.

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Allow --with-ap[ru]-config flags to override the apxs path

when --with-apache2-apxs is used. Users need this option

when ap[ru]-config is renamed/reshuffled after installation,

but the installed apxs isn't updated to reflect the change.

Replace the hardcoded "httpd" with `apxs -q progname`,

since vendors (eg. Mandrake) sometimes name it "httpd2"

or somesuch.

Also add --with-apache2-httpd flag to allow users to

override the path to httpd, which is normally

derived from

% apxs -q SBINDIR progname

Users need this option when httpd is renamed/reshuffled

after installation, but the installed apxs isn't updated

to reflect the change.

property cleanup

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Be a bit more generic and use apr-$APR_MAJOR_VERSION-config whenever $APR_MAJOR_VERSION != 0

Support ap[ru]-1-config via apxs

Add -pg to --enable-profile options for folks profiling with dprof (requires static linking because dprof doesn't profile shared libs).

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Introduce @AP[RU]_LDFLAGS@ so we don't mix these flags with @AP[RU]_LIBS@ until EU::MM forces us to (in build/ Also list functions not covered by our tests in STATUS.

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Add --enable-profile configure option, which builds libapreq2 with gcov/gprof support. It's convenient to do this only for the shared library, because modules like won't dynaload into a normal httpd if profiling is enabled (for mod_apreq.c only, not sure what happens if httpd has profiling support compiled into it also).

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query apr-config for -D_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE and other interesting flags

Reviewed by: joe

LTLIBS shouldn't require --ldflags, and CPPFLAGS needs to be supplemented with those from apr-config (esp -D_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE is missing).

Reviewed by: joes

demand minimum ExtUtils::MakeMaker version - early versions

don't correctly place pm files under an Apache2/ subdirectory,

which can lead to clobbering an existing libapreq-1 installation

(reported by Chad Kreimendahl <Chad.Kreimendahl (at)>).

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Use ac_configure_args for constructing config.nice. Without this patch it was possible for config.status to add --no-create --disable-recursion arguments. ac_configure_args always filters these args out.