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Fix apreq_brigade_concat() when spooling data.

Clear the old brigade before reusing it for spooled data, and fix the

offset and size args inversion when creating the file bucket.

parser_multipart: fix NULL pointer dereference in nested multipart

create_multipart_context() can return NULL if the given Content-Type

was not recognized (if there is no "boundary" attribute). This

crashes libapreq2.

This bug was introduced by SVN commit 227276. Prior to this commit,

there was a NULL check, but the commit removed it:

2.15 cycle
  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
on further reflection, this is syntaxically equivalent to r1770814
fix tests to work with httpd24 (reported by
Fix 64-bit build on Windows

Cf. revision 1543395 in

Fix httpd-2.4.x build for Win32
Fix debug build for Win32

Three patches from:

Subject: Modifications required to build debug version of httpd-apreq-2 for win32

From: "Kandarian, Richard M" <>

Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2014 17:12:25 +0000

Message-ID: <>

Submitted by: Richard M Kandarian <>

Reviewed by: stevehay

Restore Windows (and NeXT and NetWare etc) build of test suite following revision 1124400 <stevehay> (patch was modified)

Remove redundant httpcookie documentation

bug here in that the hook ptr fu is busted so we need

to ensure only the first matching param sets ctx->param

add a preliminary note


pass void * ptr to test fcns

remove apr dependency from at.[ch].

Note: incorporates work from Mavin Humphrey <>


need a sentinel here

doh, they don't take any additional args



allow for APR::Request::Magic

unnecessary remarks

base handles this for us


MODE var

memoize this


address non-lazy dl

incorporate fred's comments