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Do not bypass output filters when redirecting subrequests internally.

PR: 17629 (Port of nd's patch from Apache 2.1)


backport the following change from 2.1:

Enable coredumps on Linux 2.4+ if CoreDumpDirectory is coded

I tried to clarify the doc, but it still looks like geek-speak. Any ideas

on how to better explain this to users would be appreciated.

Hop hop i am a yop. all i like to do is hop from finger top to finger top.

i hop from left to right and then, hop hop I hop right back again.

review, test, vote

Remove a useless and annoying debug message

Remove an annoying dnd useless ebug message


make ExpiresByType work on dynamic documents

ExpiresByType patch backport for voting

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Adding my vote for mod_cache

Adding my vote for mod_cache

Vote passed, backport committed.

mod_so can only be built statically. If the user wants modules to

be built as DSOs by default (eg. ./configure --enable-mods-shared=most)

then we must override the default, otherwise none of the modules will

end up being installed (even though they'll get built).

- no need to add the content-type twice

- add description for .ko.chm (so I cannot forget, once we release it)

remove eval {} around require Apache::Build, since it's ensured to exist

since we already check for IS_MOD_PERL_2. The problem with that eval {}

was, is that it was hiding failures of Apache::Build's loading. (mostly

caused by multiple circular use() of each other via other modules).


Obtained from:

Submitted by:

Reviewed by:

My thoughts on mod_cache being non-experimental.

Note votes on moving

mod_cache on up

Note votes on moving

mod_cache on up

This patch is now in 2.0.46

This patch is in 2.0.46

remove the use of non-existant module, committed by mistake


Obtained from:

Submitted by: Geoffrey Young <>

Reviewed by:

update transformation

update metafiles

Submitted by: Jeongho Jeon <>

Backport new Korean translations

Submitted by: Jeongho Jeon <>

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