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Changeset 94000 is being indexed.

in the 6 months or so since i last read my mailboxes there were

a lot of support questions that went unanswered... many because i'm

still listed as active. time to make this page reflect reality :)

Fix a hang condition with graceful restart and prefork MPM

in the situation where MaxClients is very high but

much fewer servers are actually started at the time of the


The way we notify an entire generation to die at once is

changed so that we don't have to use the pod (and deal with

the ease of filling the kernel pipe buffer).

prefork and worker:

after allocating a new scoreboard, make sure the right generation

is stored in the global score

don't check for EINTR after a call to apr_file_write();

you'll never see it

Fix check for APR feature

Get mod_mem_cache to compile cleanly again on linux, where apr_atomic_t

is a struct.

Carriage returns??

Hacks on top of hacks... UNIX needs unistd.h for the close() prototype

Fix a possibly-uninitialized warning and a boolean logic bug

Fix some possibly-uninitialized warnings and some incorrect format strings

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'CHANGES'.
added myself to contributor list

Fix for vhosts where the hostname is followed by '.'

PR: 9187

Submitted by: Ryan Cruse <>

Seems like this is the end of the compiler emits on Win32, once again.

Spell out the merged log name, if we succeeded in merging the path

Fix some formatting

Added a note about mod_include optimizations

Performance fix for ap_ssi_get_tag_and_value: do a lightweight

scan through the tag value until/unless we reach a backslash

that necessitates the more complicated scanner loop. In cases

where there isn't a backslash in the tag value, this reduces

the overhead of the scan from 5 comparisons per character to 3.

Clear up a const warning, and recognize some arrays by changing the

variable names to the plural [rather than aszFoo, which I hope continues

to be cleaned up as folks have time.]

Fix a signedness emit based on session_id_length [unsigned]

get the prototype for ap_recent_ctime()

Another optimization for find_end_sequence: once we're in the

middle of parsing a tag, consume the entire tag in a quick loop,

rather than jumping back to the outer state-machine loop for

each character

Small performance improvement for find_end_sequence()

Use the "recent time" cache to optimize timestamp generation for

the httpd error log

Background: According to some profile data that we collected on Solaris,

half the run time of ap_log_rerror() was spent in localtime(3). With

this change, the recent-time cache ensures that the error logger won't

cause more than one localtime() call per second, no matter how high the

error rate is.

fix a compile error

Yes Cliff... this can go in changes too.

Resolve bugs introduced by my Rev 1.173, which attempted to close

a type mismatch error. This truncation should now produce a random

result, once again. PR 10090, 10185

Bug pinpointed by Jeroen Boomgaardt <>

fix the type of a string argument to ap_log_error()

Lost the prior log message ... [this is an empty commit]

Prior revision fixes the last ap_server_root_relative() NULL return

code potential segfaults. It also quits trying to server_root_relative

a logging pipe, since log pipes generally take arguments. However, it

ignores the PassPhraseDialog exec: since the argument to that shell

mechanism is the server name itself.


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