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Changeset 91856 is being indexed.

rev 1.248 of this file removed the default locking mechanism

from unixware 7.0. instead it should have just defined

SINGLE_LISTEN_UNSERIALIZED_ACCEPT (since locking is always required for

multiple sockets).

Fix a segfault (long-standing)

And, add a cool new feature:

The prev and next thread buttons now are dis-continuous. If you are

reading a thread and you reach a dead-end, we'll now be able to try to

continue (i.e. in another part of that thread or the next thread in

the list). Running on now.

add support for regexes in t_cmp

Note that we are on 2.0.29 now.

apr_file_gets returns an apr_status_t not a char* and it returns

APR_SUCCESS when it reads something (which is 0).

Two of the cases were doing while apr_file_gets > 0 which would cause

it to loop when it returned APR_EOF. So, the valid check here is to

loop while we are receiving APR_SUCCESS.

Fix all of the other apr_file_gets to check APR_SUCCESS explicitly so

that it is obvious that we are checking an apr_status_t. Yes,

0 == APR_SUCCESS, but it obviously wasn't clear to someone what it

was returning.

Submitted by: Dale Ghent <>,

Brian Pane <>

Reviewed by: Justin Erenkrantz

Add Debian Layout

Submitted by: Daniel Stone <>

Reviewed by: Justin Erenkrantz

minor tweaks to pass a parm of the right type to apr_poll() and

to use i for an iterator in both listensocks[] loops

in prefork, listensocks[0] doesn't have a pod

also, fix an ap_log_error() call to use ret for the error code

instead of errno

Add example for AllAltByType, AddAltByEncoding

Added examples for AddAlt

Added examples for Action directive.

mod_ssl STATUS update.

If shared modules are requested and mod_so is not available, produce a

fatal config-time error.

This should be the last complaint about the input filtering.

Needs more eyes...

I think it might be time to take action on this unless someone wants to -1.

(Ian's vote is now binding...)

Comment forthcoming to dev@httpd...

2.0.28 has been tagged.

2.0.27 was rolled, but abandoned due to C-L bug.

2.0.26 needs grammatical nit.

Fix the Windows MPM. Windows doesn't always use the lingering close

function. If it can re-use the socket, we are better off not calling

the function. To fix this, we re-expose the lingering_close function,

and we allow the MPM to remove the cleanup.

note a few additional 1.3.22 binary distributions

Same IDE enforcement of InstallBin as the 'default' project from the 2.0

tree, so when the user first confronts Apache sources they have the right

top-level project.

Prevent an Apache module from being loaded or added twice due

to duplicate LoadModule or AddModule directives (or a missing

ClearModuleList directive).

LoadModule dupcheck (for 2.0) by Brian Pane <>

Ported and added AddModule dupcheck by Will Rowe

Identified by an old collegue of Will's who tripped over this.

Improve http2env's performance by cutting the work it has to


Submitted by: Brian Pane <>

Fix a missing tag.

Change note->environment variable and convert <pre> list to <table>.

Remove ap_lingering_close from all of the MPMs. This is now done as

a cleanup registered with the connection_pool. I have also turned

ap_lingering_close into a static function, because it is only used

in connection.c. This is the next step to consolidating all of the

socket function calls. ap_lingering_close will only be added if the

core is dealing with a standard socket.

cold and rainy.

display a warning message if someone attempts to load

the same module twice

Submitted by: Brian Pane <>

Reviewed by: Ian Holsman

Move prefork to the same API as the rest of the MPMs for setting up


Remove LaTeX directives from core.html

Alphabetized module names.