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Changeset 91662 is being indexed.

change my Occupation

No such thing as APACI anymore. :)

Style-guide fixes, no functional changes.

More cleanup on the pre-build script

Two more mod_so configure-time fixes:

- Treat --enable-so=yes as "static" (this includes --enable-so, etc).

- An explicit --enable-so=shared issues an error.

Put in a note about the last condition that I'm not as sure how to fix:

If the user doesn't explicitly request mod_so, but instead gives a

mass-enable parameter like --enable-modules=most or

--enable-mods-shared=most then it is still possible to enable a bunch

of modules while mod_so itself is not buildable (ie no APR_HAS_DSO or

other build dependency failure).

I guess this does deserve a CHANGES entry since the problem spanned


Get rid of an old .cvsignore file so this directory will get pruned

Updated to the new locking API's

Fixed to import the aprlib module and export the httpd api's

Modified to correctly extract the export lists

If the user explicitly requests --enable-so, --enable-so=yes,

--enable-so=static, or --enable-so=shared but APR_HAS_DSO is

not defined on their system, then it is a fatal error.

Tested on Solaris, but I think it should work everywhere else.

Feel free to change the error message to something

better/more descriptive/etc.

Just some style peeves. Tabs and spaces and whatnot.

set the c->aborted flag when we get EPIPE

don't lose the return code from ap_fwrite() when called from buffer_output()

Fix the reporting for child processes that die. This removes

all of the non-portable W* macros from Apache.

Submitted by: Jeff Trawick and Ryan Bloom

adjust for the change to SuExec's default install directory

Win32: Track and display "Parent Server Generation:" in

mod_status output. The generation will be bumped at

server graceful restart, when the child process exits

by hitting MaxRequestsPerChild or if the child

process exits abnormally. [Bill Stoddard]

Changes in the build process for NetWare

Added mod_uniqueid to the loadmodule list

Fixed a link problem with mod_vhost_alias and added mod_unique to the

build process

Make -v verbosity '#' comment-safe

Fix a segfault seen on daedalus earlier this evening. All that was happening

was that we forgot to check whether ctx->bb was empty, so when we pulled the

first bucket, it would be the sentinel, and we'd segfault trying to apr_bucket_read

the sentinel.

Refresh of the name-vhosting docs.

Reviewed by: Allan Liska

Oops, mis-edited..

Scripts for setting up the build environment and generating the import lists

    • ?
Win32: Fix server-status 'requests currently being processed' and 'idle workers'


Code Warrior project file for building the httpd server for NetWare

Match the GET_STR frobbed format, too

Win32: Running out of threads should be a warning, not an error.

NetWare doesn't have processes so no need to detach something that

doesn't exist