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Changeset 88958 is being indexed.

threaded and prefork mpms are properly handling SIGTERM now; woohoo!

backing out this part of the recent apxs change

otherwise `apxs -q INCLUDEDIR' is broken using the default layout


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Allow module names to be hyphenated in the --enable-mods-shared

argument. Previously, we passed through a user-specified hyphen into

the name of the shell variable, yielding an invalid variable name.

Get mod_tls to compile/work better on Windows.

PR: 7612

Submitted by: Bernhard Schrenk <>

Reviewed by: Jeff Trawick

Increased the HARD_SERVER_LIMIT for NetWare to 2048. NetWare

is able to handle a large number of service request threads.

Added #define's for isnan() and isinf() since these functions do not exist

on NetWare. This fixes the unresolved link errors.

Date the 2.0.17 roll

Fix APXS: treat sbindir as expected, fix "link" command.

Submitted by: GOMEZ Henri <>

Prevent a core dump (openssl_state_machine.c is completely infected with

assert()s in place of sensible error handling) when a server-root-relative

certificate path is given (which is what most users are going to try first).

assertion "n > 0" failed: file "openssl_state_machine.c", line 142

That does NOT fix the openssl_state_machine.c though., So, never try to

use invalid certs, missing keys or other fancy "1st time user" stuff.

Not that it matters, but the compiler complains (suggest parentheses around ...)

and we had a coding style once.

Make ap_snprintf() more robust against border situations with

floating point numbers.

Submitted by: Lukas Schroeder <>

This is C, not C++ (yet ;-).

Submitted by: Jean-Frederic Clere <>

Add the 'last-modified' field and details on the translation status..

Move the STATUS file to the top of the tree

Search for OpenSSL in the "standard locations" .../include and .../lib

which are ubiquitous after openSSL's "make install". The old logic relied

on a common directory for both include files and libraries (very non-standard).

Submitted by: Clere Jean-Frederic <>

fast-path some cases, primarily to avoid an allocation when it isn't needed.

for a "nice" piece of cdata which is in one chunk, this can usually avoid an


note a problem with cgid cleanup, even with Greg's latest commit to


Fix shutdown/restart hangs in the threaded MPM.

After removing mod_cgid from my build (thanks, Jeff), I can do:

* apachectl graceful, followed by

* apachectl restart, followed by

* apachectl stop

...and get the results you would expect.

Submitted by: Jeff Trawick, Greg Ames, Ryan Bloom

Make the Announcement point to the right location for the from-cvs


Make mod_tls compile. Fix supplied by Jean-Frederic Clere

Submitted by: Jean-Frederic Clere <>

Removed the keptalive boolean from conn_rec because it is now only

used by a single routine and can be replaced by a local variable.

Submitted by: Greg Stein, Ryan Bloom, Roy Fielding

This stops some systems from barfing...

Fix a reference to "ctx" in mod_include's CREATE_ERROR_BUCKET macro

to "cntx", which is the actual name of the argument to that macro. It

accidentally worked before because all of the callers of the macro happen

to be passing in a variable named "ctx". If one of them were to ever try

to pass in a context named something else, bad things would happen.

Yeah, well, like the entry says, fixed prefork to handle signals

properly (mostly SIGTERN).

This patch puts enough of the signal processing back in so that the signals

are all handled properly now. My previous patch fixed the deadlock race

condition, but broke the user directed signal handling. This fixes it to work

the it did before (primarily SIGTERM is now working).

Get rid of old naming fluff... MPMs aren't

'modules' anymore. Also, we aren't dependant on Pthreads per se

Docco update for modules directory layout

save some more info from httpd -V

seems that Perls < bleedperl leak __DATA__ filehandles

this causes a core dump if a .pm containing __DATA__ is loaded at startup

bandaid by using __END__ instead


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mod_proxy and the proxy submodules now build properly as DSOs.


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