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Changeset 87938 is being indexed.

Get the correct IP address if ServerName isn't set and we can't

find a fully-qualified domain name at startup.

PR: 7170

Submitted by: Danek Duvall <>

Fix attribution.

WTF did I think I was doing? Pass the correct string pointers to


Reported by: Carsten Gaebler <>

Fix the remaining APR_FINFO_NORM occurances. Again, followup is needed

to actually test any field outside the scope of APR_FINFO_MIN.

This fixes a performance problem with directory indexing on Windows.

Eliminate all assumptions that reflects the existance

or absense of a file. finfo.filetype is defined as 0 if APR_NOFILE,

or a non-zero value if the file could be apr_stat()'ed.

*) Fixed a problem with file extensions being truncated during

the call to ap_os_canonical_filename().

[Brad Nicholes <>]

apr_stat() in http_request.c only needs size, type, mtime, ctime & atime values from

the file. Modify apr_stat() under windows to accomodate apr_stat( APR_FINFO_MIN)

1.3.15, what 1.3.15 ... and clarify the results from Mike Pilato's tests.

get Apache building again after the change to make_exports.awk

yeah, I know, this shouldn't be necessary. you're preaching to the choir.

but this does the job until make_exports.awk gets slightly more robust.

use memset() instead of bzero(); APR no longer tries to guarantee

the existence of bzero()

Acknowledge the netware platform (thanks Brad!) and assign the OGP

to Windows.

OS/2 1.3.17 binaries are up.

add missing newline to end of file

Submitted by: jean-frederic clere <>

Reviewed by: Jeff Trawick

Dos line-ended 1.3.17 sources added... reflects addition of the unix

apache_1.3.17/src/Configuration which Andrew Braund noted as missing.

File is identical to the tarballs excepting the line endings.

up up up

hello world... say hi to 1.3.17

My pgp key...

My pgp key...

More doc improvements.

back out recent breakage. If the lstat isn't executed, finfo isn't

initialized, and the code was looking at random garbage.

This gets the server a little closer to starting on There's still

an issue with mod_include not resolving apr_get_username when it's dynamically


Submitted by: Jeff Trawick

Clean up the cgid module now that it supports suexec.

    • ?

Fixed a typo..

Submitted by: Steve Ciccarelli <>

Reviewed by: Ken Coar

$r->parms can be set to another Apache::Table instance

fix gcc warning

mod_include.c: In function `find_file':

mod_include.c:1281: warning: suggest parentheses around assignment used as truth value

get mod_rewrite to compile with xlc on AIX; it still compiles with

gcc, of course

Make mod_cgid work with SuExec. This has been tested and works reliably

on my machine, but since this is security related, this should be tested

and scrutinized by as many people as possible.

*) Adopt apr user/group name features for mod_rewrite. Eliminates some

'extra' stat's for user/group since they should never occur, and now

resolves the SCRIPT_USER and SCRIPT_GROUP, including on WinNT NTFS


No-one commented on loosing the 'stat' calls, can anyone invent a scenario

where they could be required? Also, I don't like the casts either, so if

you have a better solution, don't whine, just fix it :)

*) Adopt apr features to simplify mod_includes. This changes the

behavior of the USER_NAME variable, unknown uid's are now reported

as USER_NAME="<unknown>" rather than the old user#000 result.

WinNT now resolves USER_NAME on NTFS volumes. [William Rowe]

** Also fixes yet another stat result, allowing APR_INCOMPLETE

Moved several CHANGES back to APR where they belonged in the first place,

Adopt apr features for simplifing mod_userdir, and accept the new

Win32/OS2 exceptions without hiccuping

Also note a potentially serious flaw - others please review.