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Changeset 87844 is being indexed.

The netware solution is far safer, IMHO, for the OS2/Win32 code path

as well. There is no remaining issue here for the three platforms.

It fails if the * isn't suffixed by a slash, but that is the correct

form in the context of security.

get mod_unique_id building again...XtOffset was undefined

Jim's a bit pedantic today :-) Normalize to #if defined(NETWARE) and

clear up the ambiguity that the userdir tested wasn't a full path, but

simply the suffix following the asterisk.

*) Normalize the Netware path names to close a potential security

hole in comparing paths when the adminstrator specifies both

sys:foo and sys:/foo formats in the same httpd.conf file.

Submitted by: [Brad Nicholes]

clarify the comments about FollowSymLinks (and .htaccess)

Updates to upgrading/new_features for some recent changes. I would

guess that there are still tons of things missing from these files.

Revert to old behavior

Fix one case of win32/os2 failing to accept a UserDir c:/userdir

argument, close a potential segfault, and accept backslashed UserDir

path if the admin wasn't paying attention.

You gots lots of splaining to do Lucy

hello reality

*) Fixed translate_userdir() in MOD_USERDIR.C so that it correctly

recognizes NetWare absolute paths. This fixes the problem where

MOD_USERDIR was trying to redirect to an absolute NetWare path

rather than opening the file at the specified location.

PR: 5826, 6283

Submitted by: Brad Nicholes <>

Add fragment target

*) Fixed ap_os_is_path_absolute() in OS.H so that it can tell the

between a NetWare path (SYS:/path) and a URL (HTTP://path).

Submitted by: Brad Nicholes <>

the issue is resolved.

removed docs/conf/highperformance.conf (re-named to highperformance-std.conf)

add highperformance-std.conf . The -std name allows make install to work

its magic.

Slightly changed from highperformance.conf : I added "User" and "Group" so

it works right out of the box on Linux. Group will no doubt need editing on

other platforms.

I'll remove docs/conf/highperformance.conf from CVS once I find out the

right way to do it. (Hints appreciated)

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Just in case people use 'head'

close the post file after reading it

mod_userdir broken on Netware... remaining patches to follow asap

Add the coalesce filter back in. It is NOT being installed anywhere right now.

As Greg noted, set_keepalive has to happen before we check r->chunked, but

it also has to happen after ap_basic_http_header. Otherwise, we don't

set r->connection->keepalive correctly, and it can be -1 for requests that

don't support keepalive. This moves ap_basic_http_header to above the

call to set_keepalive (after reversing the previous patch), which should

be perfectly safe, while still fixing the original bug.

Submitted by: Greg Stein

The ap_set_keepalive call needs to be after the call to

ap_basic_http_header. Without this, there are times that HTTP 1.0

requests will do keepalive connections.

The current hooking module is _not_ a debugging aid.

Remove the COALESCE_FILTER. It is no longer needed since Greg committed his ap_r*

buffering patch.

Sync sdbm.h with Perl for Win32 mod_auth_dbm. Note that this makes the

bundled sdbm incompatible with DAV's large dbm record requirements.

Fix typo in module identifier.

PR: 7117

Submitted by: Brent Kearney

Attributes should be quoted.

PR: 7122

Submitted by: Kohei Watanabe

Fixes ap_os_canonical_filename to append a the default volume

name if the the path is a full path and does not include the

volume name. Since NetWare's current working directory always

defaults to the SYS: volume regardless of where the executible

started, the default volume will be the volume that is specified

in ap_server_root. This corrects mod_userdir/Netware reports.

PR: 5826, 6283.

Submitted by: Brad Nicholes <>

Improve Netware startup (affects no other platforms)

Submitted by: Brad Nicholes <>

get http_core to compile on systems without apr_sendfile() support