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hello reality

*) Fixed translate_userdir() in MOD_USERDIR.C so that it correctly

recognizes NetWare absolute paths. This fixes the problem where

MOD_USERDIR was trying to redirect to an absolute NetWare path

rather than opening the file at the specified location.

PR: 5826, 6283

Submitted by: Brad Nicholes <>

Add fragment target

*) Fixed ap_os_is_path_absolute() in OS.H so that it can tell the

between a NetWare path (SYS:/path) and a URL (HTTP://path).

Submitted by: Brad Nicholes <>

the issue is resolved.

removed docs/conf/highperformance.conf (re-named to highperformance-std.conf)

add highperformance-std.conf . The -std name allows make install to work

its magic.

Slightly changed from highperformance.conf : I added "User" and "Group" so

it works right out of the box on Linux. Group will no doubt need editing on

other platforms.

I'll remove docs/conf/highperformance.conf from CVS once I find out the

right way to do it. (Hints appreciated)

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Just in case people use 'head'

close the post file after reading it

mod_userdir broken on Netware... remaining patches to follow asap

Add the coalesce filter back in. It is NOT being installed anywhere right now.

As Greg noted, set_keepalive has to happen before we check r->chunked, but

it also has to happen after ap_basic_http_header. Otherwise, we don't

set r->connection->keepalive correctly, and it can be -1 for requests that

don't support keepalive. This moves ap_basic_http_header to above the

call to set_keepalive (after reversing the previous patch), which should

be perfectly safe, while still fixing the original bug.

Submitted by: Greg Stein

The ap_set_keepalive call needs to be after the call to

ap_basic_http_header. Without this, there are times that HTTP 1.0

requests will do keepalive connections.

The current hooking module is _not_ a debugging aid.

Remove the COALESCE_FILTER. It is no longer needed since Greg committed his ap_r*

buffering patch.

Sync sdbm.h with Perl for Win32 mod_auth_dbm. Note that this makes the

bundled sdbm incompatible with DAV's large dbm record requirements.

Fix typo in module identifier.

PR: 7117

Submitted by: Brent Kearney

Attributes should be quoted.

PR: 7122

Submitted by: Kohei Watanabe

Fixes ap_os_canonical_filename to append a the default volume

name if the the path is a full path and does not include the

volume name. Since NetWare's current working directory always

defaults to the SYS: volume regardless of where the executible

started, the default volume will be the volume that is specified

in ap_server_root. This corrects mod_userdir/Netware reports.

PR: 5826, 6283.

Submitted by: Brad Nicholes <>

Improve Netware startup (affects no other platforms)

Submitted by: Brad Nicholes <>

get http_core to compile on systems without apr_sendfile() support

- change the prototype for apr_dbm_geterror() [and update dav/fs/dbm.c]

- fix up some error handling in apr_dbm.c

- use "dbm" consistently for the apr_dbm_t parameter

Add apr_dbm_get_usednames() so that apr_dbm users can figure out what

filenames are actually used by the apr_dbm implementation for a given


Use a typesafe function for access objects' pools.

A single outermost loop is all that is needed. Simplify and add comments

about what is going on in there. Shift some declarations to scope their

usage and (re)initialize them on each pass over the brigade.

req.server.register_cleanup fixed

Have you had your Ovaltine today?

Begin mod_core.h for CORE-private information. Ideally, AP_CORE_DECLARE

function decl's and CORE_PRIVATE header info should all move into this


Start with moving the filter function declarations.

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fix comment `httpd -h` -> `httpd -L`

fix the (error) return values for the ap_r* functions.

Submitted by: Jeff Trawick