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Changeset 87804 is being indexed.

Improve the performance of the ap_r* functions by buffering their data in

[the context of] a new filter ("OLD_WRITE").

Further information/discussion of this patch is available on new-httpd

between Jan 16 and Jan 23, 2001.

Relax the checking of Host: headers so that only character sequences that

are sensitive to the filesystem are rejected, i.e. forward slashes,

backward slashes, and sequences of more than one dot. This supports iDNS

without compromising the safety of mass vhosting.

PR: 6635

Fix the search form to interface to the new search engine.

Allow the core_output_filter to deal with multiple file buckets in the

same brigade.

Fix the core_output_filter. It doesn't make any sense to send less than

8K of a file using sendfile, it is easier to just read strings from the

file and use those strings directly.

Current game plan

Comment premature directives

Fix the handling of port numbers in Host headers.

Spotted by: coar


Provide better defaults for icons and TXT icon-tags

Fix the core to take the new file bucket type into account.

Fix the byterange filter for the case where the bucket can't be

copied natively. This will only ever happen if a bucket can be split

but not copied, because we read the bucket in apr_brigade_partition if

we can't split it. Regardless, this is much safer. This should also fix

all of the problems with the byterange filter.

Time to refresh this version (thought we should rename it I suppose.

Not yet revamped for buckets, we won't want to keep them in sync if

we get to the stage of eliminating the ap_rputs mechanics from the

live module. This remains the classic 'old-style' module for general

performance testing.

Cleanup the byterange filter to use the apr_brigade_partition

and apr_bucket_copy functions. This removes a lot of very messy

code, and hopefully makes this filter more stable.

Accomodate the change to the apr_read_dir() arguments, and change all

apr_dirfoo() and apr_foodir() commands to apr_dir_foo() to match the

earlier-renamed apr_dir_open().

We only want to define ap_send_mmap if APR_HAS_MMAP is true. Without

this, we don't build successfully.

AP_REQUEST_DONE is bogus and a bad idea. This had the http_header filter

return -3 for every HEAD request, which in turn made us call ap_die. Of

course, if we didn't have a 200 status (say we had a 206), then we would

seg fault, because we would end up sending down a second EOS bucket, which

would in turn make us call the byterange filter again, but at this point,

we hadn't cleaned up the byterange ctx structure, because it was never

supposed to be called again.

This was biting us on, where we had a HEAD request for

bytes=100- for a file. This was a major seg fault. We are better off

just returning OK is much safer.

__auth__ improvements


adjust to ap_hook_handler changes

Remove AddModule and ClearModuleList. Neither directive really makes

much sense anymore, since we use the hooks to order modules correctly.

This also removes the possability that one module will ever register the

same function for the same hook twice.

Turn MultiViews on in the default config file. This allows people who

install for the first time to actually get a valid first page.

adjust to namechanges

Update Status. Beautiful day out there. :-)

Fix a small bug that was making us create a directory called "-p" in the

build directory.

If --enable-suexec is specified, then we need to build suexec

automatically. This bit me multiple times last night as I was trying to

setup I would make a change to the configuration, run make;

make install, and it would fail. The problem was that suexec wasn't

getting re-compiled ever, so my changes weren't getting picked up. This

solves that problem, by making sure that suexec gets compiled if it was

specified on the configure line.

Typo fixes for httpd-2.0 man pages.

Add headers needed for getpwnam & getgrnam prototypes & types.

Back out the last change (the one that went in without a commit log)

I thought this change was necessary to stop reporting the SERVER_VERSION

twice. In reality, the apr_hook_deregister_all() call in

ap_clear_module_list solved that problem.