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Changeset 87778 is being indexed.

Typo fixes for httpd-2.0 man pages.

Add headers needed for getpwnam & getgrnam prototypes & types.

Back out the last change (the one that went in without a commit log)

I thought this change was necessary to stop reporting the SERVER_VERSION

twice. In reality, the apr_hook_deregister_all() call in

ap_clear_module_list solved that problem.


Add a call to apr_hook_deregister_all() in the clear_module_list function.

The basic problem was that when we load the modules, we call the

register_hooks() function from the module, but then we clear the module

list for all active modules, and add them back in one at a time. When we

add them back, we re-call the register_hooks() function, thus adding

each function a second time. This was causing to log every

request twice in the access log. By calling apr_hook_deregister_all()

when we unload the module, the second call to register the hooks is the

only call that matters.

*** empty log message ***

And we are up to 1.3.17-dev

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag


Bump to 1.3.16... Could not do a *complete* retagging of the

1.3.15 tree ("APACHE_1_3_15 already exists on version 1.898 :

NOT MOVING tag to version 1.899", for example) so we need

to bump to 1.3.16 and release that.


Bump us back to 1.3.15

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag


Attempt to 'fix' mod_auth_dbm.dsp - back to orig

Attempt to 'fix' mod_auth_dbm.dsp

Bump up to 1.3.16-dev... still in code freeze!

We are officially 1.3.15

Get mod_suexec compiling on FreeBSD again

Updated Hebrew welcome page.

PR: 7103

Submitted by: Moran Zaltsman <>

Sunny in Chicago.

The changes required for the APR_FINFO_wanted argument to

apr_stat/lstat/getfileinfo. These are -NOT- optimal, they

are simply the required changes to get the server working.

The size of the patch is a warning about how we need to

really look at what we are trying to accomplish with all

of these stat/lstat calls.

  1. … 12 more files in changeset.
Bit more detail...

some stylistic tweaks post- John's patch

No need to run an external program for checking for the existence of

C source files. echo as a built-in function does the same job quicker.

The -k config patch created a glitch for the -i option (although the

-k install flavor worked, which is how I missed it.) Resolved.

Submitted by: Andrew Braund

Move initgroupgs, ap_uname2id and ap_gname2id from util.c to

mpm_common.c. These functions are only valid on some platforms,

so they should not be in the main-line code.

These functions are also not portable to non-unix platforms, so they don't

really belong in APR. Since they are only used in MPMs, for right now,

I am moving them to mpm_common.c

Remove ap_chdir_file. This function is not thread-safe, and nobody

is currently using it. The proper way to do this, is to use the

apr_create_process API.

added req._content_type_set

- implement DeltaV OPTIONS extensions

- let live prop providers get first crack at PROPFIND

- work around MS Web Folders limit on DAV header length

Submitted by: John Vasta <>

Reviewed by: Greg Stein

extra CRLF isn't a problem

French translations.

Submitted by: Herve Dumont <>, Benoit Garnier

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