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missed these files on my previous commit of highperformance.conf -

wrong commit incantation

By popular review

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Stop checking to see if this is a pipelined request if we know

for a fact that it isn't. Basically, if r->connection->keepalive == 0.

This keeps us from making an extra read call when serving a 1.0


Submitted by: Ryan Bloom and Greg Stein

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Rely on the APR dso_load cleanup to unload the DSO correctly. There is

no reason for mod_so to register a second cleanup.

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updated to work with either prefork or the pthread mpms.

I've been using specialized versions of this for ages. Time to commit it.

If nobody objects, I'd like to rename it highperformance-std.conf, so

make install will find it and do Good Things.


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Align the target binary with the newer layout

The only symbol dropped, not counting regcomp regerror regexec regfree

which aren't namespace protected in the first place.

Normalize the use of AP_DECLARE_DATA

Clearing out the libhttpd.def from win32

The big change. This is part 3 of the apr-util symbols rename, please

see the first commit of srclib/apr-util/include (cvs apr-util/include)

for the quick glance at symbols changed.

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  1. … 71 more files in changeset.
Activate new search interface

Remove some STATUS items that are already in APR's STATUS file.

Cleanup the STATUS file a bit.

Forward port OtherBill's fix from 1.3.

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When is a void fn(void) not a void fn(void)? It's a win32'ism, since

the APR_DECLARE (excluding _NONSTD) uses the pascal convention. Really

irrelevant in a function that never needs to clean up (atexit), but

the compiler complains. Possible workarounds, but that would break

non-c lanaguge code from linking into apr.

Some missing exports

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Fixups to build the whole shebang once again.

Bring forward from 1.3:

I broke mod_rewrite by modifying strings in place when expanding them,

because variable lookups can cause subrequests which cause mod_rewrite

to do its stuff again including an expansion on the same string, which

is then syntactically invalid. So copy the lookup keys somewhere else

before using them in such a way that may cause recursion.

In addition to this, my parser could also be confused by complicated

nested rewrite map expansions like ${map1:${map2:key|dflt}|dflt} so

fix that too by keeping track of {} when looking for |.

PR: 7087

fix a coment for consistency

Fix the previous commit (rev. 1.168 of mod_rewrite.c) which was grievously

broken regarding the declaration and calling of find_char_in_brackets().

I shouldn't try to do things like this so late at night...

publisher fixes and docs fixes

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Fix the declaration of the module structure in mod_example.

PR: 7095

Submitted by: Gururaj Upadhye <>

add missing info to last addition

Fix the RFC number mentioned when complaining about a missing

Host: header.

PR: 7079

Submitted by: Alexey Toptygin <>

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handy alias

This change eliminates the intermediate httpd.lib from the build of

libhttpd.dll - it was required for the support applications to avoid

linking to the libhttpd.dll, but those functions have all moved to

apr and apr-util.

This change also prepares us to eliminate libhttpd.def once all of the

appropriate AP_DECLARE tags are assigned.

Vancouver is rainy and cold today. Better stay indoors.

Add html versions of unix man pages. Clearly, some of the man pages

have not been updated for 2.0. I will regenerate these html files

after the man pages are updated.

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what weather?

Remove a typedef that doesn't seem to be used.