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Changeset 87597 is being indexed.

- add some missing distclean targets

- use DISTCLEAN_TARGETS and CLEAN_TARGETS everywhere (to be consistent

with other macros and with APR)

- warn that aclocal.m4 is a generated file

A small page for the docs project.

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Move ap_generic_hook from the Apache include directory to the apr-util

include directory. The hooks themselves are implemented by apr-util,

instead of Apache. This removes a few warnings when compiled in

maintainer-mode that have been bothering me.

This file needs to be renamed from config.m4 to config5.m4 to allow

the ordering to work correctly otherwise it breaks the build. It didn't

seem possible to move the file in CVS so I've added a new copy and

deleted the original. It's such a simple file if we don't have the history

it's not an issue!

Submitted by: Ryan Bloom <>

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add pool parameter to ap_is_directory and ap_is_rdirectory

Stop copying file names that we get from apr_file_t's and apr_dir_t's.

We copy the data when we store it in the structures, we can just return

a pointer from there, and use const data. This puts the onus back on

Apache to copy the data if it needs to modify it.

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Add a needed header file. This is another of the patches I've had for

a while but forgot to commit... Doh!

As we now use pools in the logging of the failure to get a hostname,

use ap_log_perror() as per Brians suggestion.

Submitted by: Brian Havard <>

in_the_news.html update.

I saw this get committed before, but I am guessing it

when to the wrong repository (apache-site?).

Handle cookies with names but no value

Submitted by: David Welton <>

eliminate entries from libhttpd.def that are also in libaprutil.def

This stops a segfault on my machine where I haven't got a hostname for

the function to find.

Fix typo that messed up dependencies and broke the build

Get rid of some warnings on Tru64 and OS/390. void * isn't compatible

with function pointers.

Set up stderr logging explictly early in initialization so that a pool is

available for creating the APR representation of stderr.

fix spelling


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I now have a job title, but no longer an office


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Update site to show current alpha. Update Netcraft date (but the

percentages haven't really changed)


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Remove some human-readable fluff from the machine-readable mod_status display.

PR: 7025

Submitted by: Youichirou Koga <>

make Windows build aware of export variable name change :

ap_debug_module_name to ap_current_hooking_module

Another vendor.

mod_cgi: Fix some problems where the wrong error value was being traced

(errno instead of apr_status).

mod_cgid: Keep some of the code in synch with the version in mod_cgi.

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PR: 7020

Submitted by: Peter Brodersen <>

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Pass a valid pool to apr_create_lock().

Make a brief note about recent EBCDIC fixes.

* If compiling using a non-gcc compiler the gcc __attribute__ feature

gets defined twice, once by apache headers and once by perl headers.

The patch undefs it inbetween so the compiler does not barf because of

the redefinition.

* The function my_memstr c/apache_multipart_buffer.c attempts to perform

pointer arithmetic on void * variables, which does not work in

standard C as a void * has no size. I changed the pointers to unsigned

char *.

* The header file apache_request.h does use a C++ comment which produces

warning in a normal C compiler about extra garbage at the end of an

#endif pre-processor statement, making this a C comment avoids the


* AIX needs extra linker flags to cope with the special .exp file

mechanism that defines the symbols to export for a dynamic shared

object/shared library. The Apache::src module has a convenient method

to retrieve these flags if needed.

Submitted by: Jens-Uwe Mager <>

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EBCDIC: Fix some byterange protocol data translation.

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Get mod_so to build again by including apr_general.h, which is where

the APR_GET_POOL() macro is defined.

Change a bunch of mallocs in mod_cgid to apr_palloc. These were never

getting freed, and using malloc. This was safe, because we were in

the CGID process, but pools are just safer here.

Generic hooks (and a demo content filter module).

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