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Changeset 86078 is being indexed.

finish cleaning up after a change i made over 3 years ago.

Win32: Add bucket brigades and util_filter to the project file.

a filter's context is to be used however the filter likes. it is a void*,

not necessarily a bucket brigade.

Fix some typos in the comments.

Win32: Enable lingering close.

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Make compilable on Windows again. I'm not sure the x = { [1] = 1 }

syntax is even ANSI C, but it originally compiled for me. Oh, well.

I'd rather have this statically built at compile time, but I don't

want to add the dependencies on the method order and its being

a contiguous sequence.

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When ap_register_filter() registers a cleanup function, specify

apr_null_cleanup() instead of NULL to indicate that no child

cleanup is desired. (With NULL, we branch to zero.)

Fix a minor bug in the default template file. The template used to not

escape the spaces in file names. It does now. This also adds the default

template for Apache to use.

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Remove a bunch of warnings from the server when compiled using


Add a make directive for making the documentation

Fix a small typo

Document http_request.h using ScanDoc.

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Finish commenting httpd.h using Scandoc.

More tidy up for mpmt_beos mpm.

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Missed this first time and forgot about it until now...

Cleanup the buckets a bit, and add ScanDoc comments. The cleanup was

basically removing functions that aren't really necessary anymore.

Add an error condition to the filter code. Basically, if somehow we get

to the very bottom of the filter stack and nobody has written anything to

the network, then we need to return an error.

document util_filter.h using Scandoc

Remove some suspended PR's that have been closed in the PR DB.

Initial Filtering code. This uses a bucket brigade scheme to allow modules

to add and modify data while processing a request. The docs still need

to be updated, and a simple html page needs to be created explaining all

of this.

The only filter currently in the code is the core filter. This filter

takes a bucket brigade and writes it to the network through the buff

structure. In time, the buff will go away completely.

More filters will need to be written.

Submitted by: The Apache Community

Reviewed by: The Apache Community

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Change the rewrite log lock from intra-process to lock-all (and we really can

log it if it fails).

Don't segfault if RewriteLock wasn't coded in the config (i.e., if

rewrite_log_lock isn't set).

Fix a missing error code in a call to ap_log_error().

Allow <Limit*> to accept arbitrary extension method named instead

of varfing. Nothing takes advantage of this yet; that's coming

next. Also replace the shorthand Allow setup to use the new

API (this is possibly a problematical change for the core default

handler; no problem to back that out).

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Add mnemonics for the ap_allow_methods() reset flag meanings.

Note the connexion between the method number list and the

ap_method_name_of() routine. (This should have been included

as part of that commit but wasn't, alas.)

More prototypical API support for arbitrary extension HTTP methods.

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Preset the cmd_parms->limited field to the magic 'no limit active'

value, and add some prototype API routines for expanding support

for arbitrary extension HTTP methods.

Export util_xml.c functions. Add dependency on xml libraries to apache.dsw.

Get rid of an ancient comment (which was updated for the CHARSET_EBCDIC

->APACHE_XLATE change. Once I figured out what "32/9" meant (doh!)

it was pretty clear that the comment is no longer applicable.

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Don't skip any remaining methods just because one was already


Submitted by: Joe Orton <>

Reviewed by: Ken Coar

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Fix another oversight: don't add an extension method to the Allow

list if it's already there.

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