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Changeset 85005 is being indexed.

fix buglet in example

Revamp the Win32 make environment. Makefiles have been removed and

Apache.dsw created to bring together all the pieces. Create new file

os/win32/BaseAddr.ref to define module base addresses (to prevent

dll relocation at start-up).

Submitted by: William Rowe

Reviewed by: Bill Stoddard

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OS/2: EXTRA_LDFLAGS is required when linking the table generation programs.

Add support for pool to log_error_core. Also add ap_log_perror to allow

logging without either a request or server _rec.

Another required ap_canonical_error().

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Use ap_canonical_error() where appropriate.

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OS/2: Clean up spmt_os2 mpm to get shutdowns working cleanly.

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[EBCDIC] Port Paul Gilmartin's CRLF patch from 1.3. This replaces most

of the \015, \012, and \015\012 constants with macros.

Submitted by: Greg Ames

Reviewed by: Jeff Trawick

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Win32: More winnt MPM cleanup. Moved code to queue acceptex completion

contexts to after the worker thread pool is created. Sometime over that

last month or so, we checked something in that tanked performance about 15%.

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Provide prototypes for the provided strcasecmp & strncasecmp.

Propagate the 1.3 FAQ fixes over here..

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Fix some typos and broken HTML..

Add recognition of the GNU/Hurd kernel platform.

Submitted by: Adam Farrell <>

Reviewed by: Ken Coar

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this is California. what to _you_ think the weather is?

More FAQs and answers from comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix.

Submitted by: Joshua Slive <>

Reviewed by: Tony Finch

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More FAQs and answers from comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix.

Submitted by: Joshua Slive <>

Reviewed by: Tony Finch

Win32: Change message type to INFO

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Watching for tornadoes tonite

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Begin some long overdue clean-up fo winnt.c

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Add logic to timeout CGI scripts properly. This requires that APR pipes

can be timed out.

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Add a pool to dupfile. There is no reason that when we duplicate a file, we would want to use the same pool for the duplicated file as we used for

the original file. This should solve a problem we were having with

dieing quietly on startup, because we are no longer closing stderr in the

original process and then opening the config file as file descriptor 2.

The original problem report can be found in the message


Hey, wow! Some of the sky is blue!

Make note of another patch submitted..

linkwin20.diffs Resolves:

1) Explicit /base: addresses by the following table...

Required sizes are for debug builds. It is assumed that

as we increase the size of aprlib, we will be trimming

the size of ApacheCore, and the 278A0000 base can move down.

ApacheCore.dll 27800000 80000 required

aprlib.dll 278A0000 40000 required

ApacheModuleAuthAnon.dsp 27900000

ApacheModuleCERNMeta.dsp 27910000

ApacheModuleDigest.dsp 27920000

ApacheModuleExpires.dsp 27930000

ApacheModuleHeaders.dsp 27940000

ApacheModuleInfo.dll 27950000

ApacheModuleRewrite.dsp 27960000 20000 required

ApacheModuleSpeling.dsp 27980000

ApacheModuleStatus.dsp 27990000

ApacheModuleUserTrack.dsp 279A0000

ApacheModuleProxy.dsp 279B0000 20000 anticipated

3 slots still available 279C0000

2) Make APR consistent with the rest of the API and

not build septypes for debugging (in other words,

roll in the debug symbols as every other module does.)

If we decide we LIKE /pdbtype:septypes... then we

should be using them throughout.

3) Slide the current path specs into /libpath: options

so the library list is more ledgible.

4) Drop all the gui crud from the library list. Everything

listed is referenced, with the following exceptions:

*) don't do anything with msvcrtd/oldnames today.

*) aprlib and ApacheCore have the same list, since functions

may still be moving between them.

*) apache.exe looses networking (it doesn't), while it keeps

advapi, which I don't think it needs, but it could later.

*) add aprlib to ApacheModuleProxy, since it will need it.

*) hang mswsock whereever ws2_32 is invoked. I believe

the most special case was ApacheModuleProxy, which may

become entirely APR. But for today we hang onto both.

5) MAP, MAP, MAP, everything gets a map. I for one have an

untold number of installed OS's and boot mappings, and the

debugger isn't installed to all of them. We gotta be able

to track down those renegade GP faults. (What faults...

I know, it's clean, but I am overly cautious that way.)

6) Set the DEFAULT linkage to be this linkage. Because

"it's a vc thing" the defaults were not all that

useful as a starting point (take, for example, the

joke of linking to the OLE libraries).

Submitted by: William Rowe

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    • +4

1) offers a single execution list, regardless of the CTARGET.

Sans CTARGET, it builds the default (the .exe or .dll).

With CTARGET=CLEAN, it cleans back up.

2) To eliminate the _clean block needed to move the delete

generated headers out of that block. They now get wiped only

on a full NMAKE -f clean

3) Also threw in the _installdll cleanup with the full

NMAKE -f clean.

4) Added RECURSE=0, the REAL reason this patch is absolutely

necessary. As we start tweaking individual .dsp project files,

we will need to prevent the from going nuts.

5) Added a commented-out logresolve make item.

Submitted by: William Rowe

Reviewed by: Bill Stoddard

Update Apache on Windows documentation. Add new document

describing how to compile Apache on Windows.

Submitted by: William Rowe <>

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    • +120
Add back in logic to put the ending container directive in the tree. This

needs to be there until we have a validating tree. Without this, it is

possible for a config file to read:

<Ifmodule mod_foo.c>

some directive


and still be read correctly. When the tree building functions can validate

for us, this should be removed, and there is a comment that says so.

Make FreeBSD 5.0-CURRENT known to the Configure script.

PR: 5902

Submitted by: Lars

Add some todos, remove some vague comments, remove items completed

Win32: First cut at getting mod_isapi working under 2.0

Submitted by: William Rowe

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