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more namespace cleanup

Get mod_rewrite to compile with no warnings on OS/390

(cc) and Linux (gcc -Wall).

Add a patch from the bugdb..

Sunny outside today.

Fix a stoopid buglet that caused a space to be included in

the source filename if the suexec_umask value wasn't set.

PR: 4030

Submitted by: Chris Bongaarts <>

Reviewed by: Ken Coar

Alternately wet and sunny.

Add util_cfgtreee.c to the win32 build

Um, note the fact of the 1.3.12 release. 1.3 is withering on

the vine here. Not necessarily a bad thing.. but someone should see

about bringing all these STATUS items forward to 2.0 if

they make sense.

On all the systems I could get hold of (Solaris, ReliantUNIX, BS2000, SINIX),

SHM_R was always 0400, never 0x400. My assumption is that is usually (always) is.

Feel free to change it to an OS test like this (if your OS differs):

case `uname -s` in

SunOS | POSIX-BC | SINIX-* | ReliantUNIX-* ) # BS2000

AC_DEFINE(SHM_R, 0400, [ ])

AC_DEFINE(SHM_W, 0200, [ ])



AC_DEFINE(SHM_R, 0x400, [ ])

AC_DEFINE(SHM_W, 0x200, [ ])



remove "fix lingering close"

Get lingering_close() working again.

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Fix a small bug in ap_add_node. We need to set the child's parent pointer


First step to getting configuration modules working. This step creates

a tree, but does not use the tree for anything.

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Some status update.

typo -- extraneous quote.

add mod_dtcl for David N. Welton <>

looks sunny out there

In my libnsl, there's gethostname but not gethostbyname

Remove bogus application/rtf (keep standard text/rtf)

Submitted by: Jamie Winquist <>

We have two entries for rtf (weird). Keep the IANA one.

update about saferead

CGIs work again on UNIX because ap_create_process() works again on UNIX.

Update the STATUS file.

Bring this up-to-date again, fix title of survey.

Another book..

Add error checking in case libtoolize is not in path.

PR: 10

Recognize an EBCDIC platform during configuration and turn on


Get Apache on Windows compiling again after the patch eliminating

buffered file i/o.

Make the server work without asking for buffered file I/O. This removes

all APR_BUFFERED flags from the server, and it fixes a minor bug in the

ungetchar patch (I forgot a file when comitting).

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Change the declaration of ap_scoreboard_image to match

the one in scoreboard.h (API_VAR_EXPORT instead of static).

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