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looks sunny out there

In my libnsl, there's gethostname but not gethostbyname

Remove bogus application/rtf (keep standard text/rtf)

Submitted by: Jamie Winquist <>

We have two entries for rtf (weird). Keep the IANA one.

update about saferead

CGIs work again on UNIX because ap_create_process() works again on UNIX.

Update the STATUS file.

Bring this up-to-date again, fix title of survey.

Another book..

Add error checking in case libtoolize is not in path.

PR: 10

Recognize an EBCDIC platform during configuration and turn on


Get Apache on Windows compiling again after the patch eliminating

buffered file i/o.

Make the server work without asking for buffered file I/O. This removes

all APR_BUFFERED flags from the server, and it fixes a minor bug in the

ungetchar patch (I forgot a file when comitting).

    • -1
    • +1
Change the declaration of ap_scoreboard_image to match

the one in scoreboard.h (API_VAR_EXPORT instead of static).

    • -1
    • +1
In mpmt_pthread.c, include <netinet/tcp.h> only if

the system actually has it. (This was intended to be committed

with the mpmt_pthread.c change.)

In mpmt_pthread.c, include <netinet/tcp.h> only if

the system actually has it.

Start to clean up winnt.c a bit. Consolidate several calls to

CreateIoComplationPort into one and isolate it from the Win95/98

code path. Still much to do...

    • -81
    • +92
Get mod_rewrite building and running, and mod_status building for Win NT

    • -0
    • +6
Oops: forgot to set the CharSet in the apache-1.3 config

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    • +1
Add hebrew entry page, contributed by Stas Bekman

Submitted by: Stas Bekman <>

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    • +62
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    • +1
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    • +34
    • -8
    • +7
Added Hebrew entry page

Submitted by: Stas Bekman <>

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    • +62
Fix charset names (see

and resynchronize unix & win versions

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    • +10
    • -4
    • +59
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    • +34
Get mod_negotiation working. We may ultimately need finer granularity

of type_checker hook ordering, but this will get MultiViews working for now.

Patch to port mod_auth_db to the 2.0 api and also to support

Berlekey DB 3.0. It works for me with both Berkeley DB 3.0.55 and

2.7.7. It should work with version 1 as well but I haven't tested it.

Submitted by: Brian Martin <>

Reviewed by: Bill Stoddard

    • -30
    • +98
Get DSOs working on Windows. Required cross platform change to mod_so.c.

Tim tested on Windows. Not tested on other platforms.

Submitted by: Tim Costello

Reviewed by: Bill Stoddard

Arrgh... Release aprlib.mak/.dsp is broken. Now aprlib.mak is

deleting apr.h and apr_config.h so I don't have to in

Windows: Cleanup auto-generated apr.h and apr_config.h

get rid of an unused variable from virtualhost_section()

stop relying on a macro to map signal() to ap_signal(); call

ap_signal() directly