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Changeset 83318 is being indexed.

Exit after dumping vhost settings (apache -S) to be consistent with how Apache for Unix works.

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Now comitted...

Added ceiling on file size for memory mapped files.

Submitted by: John Giannandrea <>

Reviewed by: Ken, Dean, Randy, Lars, Jim, Ralf

PR: 4122

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Now solved...

Ops, PR#4469 is actually db v2 related...

Fix ndbm.h include problems with brain-dead glibc >= 2.1 which has ndbm.h in a

non-standard db1/ subdir. We fixed it by explicitly including <db1/ndbm.h>

instead of <ndbm.h> because adding -I/usr/include/db1 isn't really correct

(because it isn't guaranteed that the glibc includes are really under


Submitted by: Henri Gomez <>

Cleaned up and corrected by: Ralf S. Engelschall

PR: 4469, 4431, 4528

Make egcc -Wshadow happy again.

Determine AP_BYTE_ORDER for ap_config_auto.h and already

use this at least for Expat.

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Fix Win32 compile break.

mo' books

Add a note about the remainder of Tony's patch.

Document libs: change.


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Allow Libs: in .module files.


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Some votes

inetd mode sucks...

cygwin32 port

no vetos today ;-)

Looks like this was already fixed by Randys last binbuild patch.

Make main() return an int.

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Bring htdigest along to Windows compilability. Maybe not

entirely there yet, but it wasn't there at all before..

Submitted by: Keith Wannamaker <>

Reviewed by: Ken Coar

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Normalise the <!DOCTYPE> tags, and make sure we emit the

right one when we're doing 3.2+ things (like <FONT>).

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Traveling is good for productivity...


Note the availability of a couple more patches..

Fix value of MAXSOCKETS on OS/2. This stops a redefinition warning with

the current compiler version, emx 0.9d, while still allowing older versions

to work.

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A minor enhancement to SetEnvIf*: allow it to test envariables

as well as request attributes.

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag


A minor enhancement to SetEnvIf*: allow it to test envariables

as well as request attributes.

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mod_autoindex was only checking for exact matches of "text/html"

for ScanHTMLTitles, which meant that "text/html;charset=foo"

documents wouldn't be scanned. As a side effect of this patch,

add ap_field_noparam(), which returns the unparameterised value

for any HTTP field that can use '*( ";" parameter)'.

PR: 4524

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Ops, yes, The shared memory pools are part of EAPI, too.

I'll post a final and complete EAPI patch the next days before anything is

comitted by me. Because we've still a few open issues: For instance whether

we should also include the MM libraries source in src/lib/mm/, whether we then

really need the ap_mm.[ch] wrapper, whether EAPI should be disabled or enabled

per default, etc.

This patch removes the processing of `mxb' parameters in Accept

headers in mod_negotiation. A second patch updates the manual to

reflect this (mxb is not documented directly in the manual but support

for it is implied in one place).

Reasons for removing this feature:

1) As currently implemented, the 'mxb' feature makes possible certain

denial-of-service attacks on negotiated content. These attacks are

posssible for user communities which access an Apache server from

behind a HTTP/1.1 proxy which implements `Vary' related optimisations.

Plugging this denial of service hole without removing `mxb' is fairly

expensive in terms of degrading caching efficiency.

2) `mxb' is not in HTTP/1.0 or HTTP/1.1 or any other standard

3) Nobody seems to make use of 'mxb'. (Balachander Krishnamurthy

kindly offered to grep some of his web traffic traces -- he did not

find a single Accept with mxb in a whole day of recent traffic, nor in

older traces)

4) Removing a feature makes a nice change from adding features.

Submitted by: Koen Holtman <>