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Changeset 712515 is being indexed.

Always build odbc on Windows - backported from trunk to 2.2.x

trunk: r704771 & r704883

2.2.x: r712514

backport 704771 & 704883 from trunk

Windows: Always build the odbc dbd driver on windows,

to be consistent with the apr-util default.

DBD_LIST is still used to build additional dbd drivers.

* Add proposal

* Rip out the old flushing approach for solving lifetime issues between the

backend connection bucket allocator and front end connection bucket allocator.

Instead copy the buckets from the backend over to ones that have been created

using the front end bucket allocator. For metabucket this is done by recreating

them, for data buckets this is done by reading them and putting the read data

in a transient bucket.

PR: 45792

Add block support for all of the other hooks.

Return zero from the dumper, so that lua keeps calling us.

Add function/threads to the stack dumper.

Start the crude hack for loading lua in section blocks, extending parts of the vmspec to allow bytecode buffers as a source, rather than just files.

remove double == on ./configure --help for apxs.

mod_unixd: use APR_HOOK_MIDDLE for drop_privileges.

We're the canonical module for that hook!

Rename MapLua to LuaMap and correspondig map_lua to lua_map

Also submited by: Henning Schmiedehausen

Update following original file modification.

Note mod_authn_alias doesn't exist in 2.3/2.4.
update transformations
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* Add another proposal.

* Add a proposal.

* Correctly set SSL_LIBS during openssl detection if pkgconfig is not available.

PR: 46018

more progress on new style lua_State management
more progress on new style lua_State management
starting work on better lifecycle management
Hold off until I learn more from Ruediger

Typo correction line 409

Merge r707649, r707665 from trunk:

AJP was dropping pre-existing cookies. Use same logic

as HTTP to tuck them away

* save_table needs to be declared first before it can be used.

Reviewed by: rpluem, jim, mturk

* Revoke vote and add a comment

* Promote

Always send body (zero size at least) whenever C-L is present in the request

Backport r696614 from truk

Cast in some votes
making a tag before mucking with vm creation system
  1. /mod_wombat/tags/before-mucking-with-vm-creation
reformat to avoid line breaks
slighty more clear debug logging