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Changeset 704884 is being indexed.

windows .dsw file update for backport of r704771 (r704883)
Windows: add apr_dbd_odbc project to Visual Studio workspace .dsw file
Update the backport proposal
Minor bump when exporting mod_rewrite.h
Backport proposal: r704771
Always build the odbc dbd driver on winodws, to be consistent with the apr-util default

* Revert r703998.

The call to apr_socket_timeout_set before apr_socket_connect already sets the

socket to non-blocking mode because the timeout of the socket is -1 after creation. A further

call to apr_socket_timeout_set (after the connect call does not do this, because the old

and the new timeout are >=0). The further code expects the socket to be in non-blocking

mode, otherwise we have regressions with ssl. This can be notified by running t/ssl/proxy

on 2.2.x which runs much much slower with the patch applied. This does not happen

on trunk because the socket is set back to non blocking by the core output filter

(async write completion).

Revoke vote... good catch rp :)

* Veto a backport

Propose a backport
Export and install the mod_rewrite.h header to ensure the optional

rewrite_mapfunc_t and ap_register_rewrite_mapfunc functions are

available to third party modules.

* We should really export TZ so that processes started from this shell pick

it up.

* The European svn mirror might be more conveniant for some RM's. So add an

option to use it.

* Use https instead of http to export the sources.

Backport proposal: r703998

Heck yeah!

MAF is no longer supported.

Docs xform

Change for 2.2.10

* Make the connection timeout to backends work by temporarily setting the

socket to non blocking mode.

Submitted by: Matt Stevenson <mavricknzwork>

Reviewed by: rpluem

Note modules such as mod_headers affect %{Foobar}i
Rolling win32 msi's
preparing for 2.2.10

This seems to be the best repository for build notes which are

extremely specific to the MSI distribution.

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drop support for mozilla archive format (MAF)

update transformation

update transformation

* Add a proposal

add LastChangedRevision and eol-style
increment version.ent