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Changeset 563636 is being indexed.

commit Eric's patch for bugzilla 42549 - build httxt2dbm.exe on windows

Pre-edit download page updates for release.


Pre-edit the announcements for the release.


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Might as well note proposed T&R schedule :)

Now that ProxySet has at least some minimal docs, +1

on backports that extend it :)

PR 42572: crash in Windows MPM

Davi Arnauts simple patch confirmed as working.

(typo in my last commit)

Update doccos xforms

PR 42572: crash in Windows MPM

Davi Arnauts simple patch confirmed as working.

Merge r563480 from trunk:

Minimal ProxySet directive documentation :)

Reviewed by: jim

Update xforms

Minimal ProxySet directive documentation :)

Add comments that make it clear that we are using

the 32bit add/inc atomics in an "unsure" method (although

I would assume if they were NOT working, then the various

testing and usage of event for trunk and 2.2.x would have shown

this by now).

Merge r562860 from trunk:

* Avoid that relative changes to Options change the settings for FileETag.

This does NOT address the remaining issues with relative settings and

FileETag mentioned in PR 42027, but at least it isolates the problem

to them. Currently these issues can be worked around with absolute


PR: 42027

Submitted by: Rici Lake <rici>

Reviewed by: rpluem

Submitted by: rpluem

Reviewed by: jim


Merge r563154, r563229, r563230 from trunk:

Don't try to compress/decompress where there's a Content-Range.

According to RFC2616, the range would have to apply *after*

applying content-encoding, so anything that's been set before

running the deflate filter is going to be broken.

* We already unset Content-Length in the inflate_out_filter. So move the

comment and unsetting of Content-MD5 in the right place.

* Also unset Content-MD5 in the deflate_out_filter

Reviewed by: jim

*) mod_deflate: fix protocol handling in deflate input filter

PR 23287 [Nick Kew]

Promote those with >= 3

Cast some votes

Add vote (duh!)

Add a backport proposal, and update an existing one to accept

rpluem's additions to it.

PR 43051 s/Ethereal/Wireshark/
require apr build which is needed for prebuild target.

backport mod_proxy date parsing buffer over-read (CVE-2007-3847)

Submitted by: Davi Arnaut, Nick Kew

Reviewed by: niq, rpluem, covener

Check all sources of Content-Encoding in inflate_out filter

PR 42993


* Cast vote, remove old comments, add new comment


* Vote and promote.

minor cosmetic changes.

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minor cosmetic changes.

* Also unset Content-MD5 in the deflate_out_filter