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Changeset 330380 is being indexed.

fix memory leak. Reported by <>
tests requiring LWP when LWP is not available are now skipped

Add a show-stopper todo with mod_cache and mod_authz_host.

Merge r330271 from trunk:

Add a note about sendfile on Itanium

Add a note about sendfile on Itanium

* build/ Check for the *-config scripts both at the

DESTDIR-relocated path and at the not-relocated path, to cope with

both builds with and without the bundled APR.

* build/ Prepend DESTDIR to paths to installed

apr/apu-config scripts.

Submitted by: Torsten Foertsch <torsten.foertsch>

A few more updates to reduce outdated stuff in the developer pages.

Remove some old references to cvs that confused at least one person.

Move to a different impl which was my 1st concept and that which

Ruediger likes. Instead of adjusting pointers to areas

within the URL, simply copy it over and change it as needed.

Easier logic and not that much slower for normal cases.

Small positionment fix.
Add CVE name that was allocated after release

Add missing CVE name from vulnerabilities list

Minor make file changes to allow the clib prelude to be replaced

Submitted by: Guenter Knauf

Fix a problem where we are doing a case insensitive

match between the worker and the URL. Instead, only

the scheme and hostname are insensitive, the rest

should be case sensitive.

Add random notes about possible weaknesses
Moved the extended_status scoreboard update from ap_process_http_connection

to the EOR bucket destructor. Also, added some defensive code and comments

regarding r->pool lifetime to ap_process_http_connection.

Bring documentation up to date with yesterdays fix

Bring documentation up to date with yesterdays fix

Note removal of comatose MPMs

Remove experimental MPMs that show no signs of going anywhere:

perchild, threadpool, leader

    • ?
    • ?
  1. … 8 more files in changeset.
Fix handling of unknown state tokens in If headers:

* modules/dav/main/mod_dav.h: Add dav_if_unknown to dav_if_state_type


* modules/dav/main/util.c (dav_add_if_state): Set returned type to

dav_if_unknown for an unknown state token.

(dav_validate_resource_state): Evaluate dav_if_unknown to fail

match unless in a Not condition.

PR: 37288

fix svn:eol-style

fix svn:eol-style

update transformation

update transformation

fix properties

update transformation

fix svn:eol-style

fix svn:eol-style