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Changeset 1876696 is being indexed.

fr doc XML files updates.

gdbinit: print bucket fd when available.
gdbinit: more address colomn space for 64bit.
mod_watchdog: use a single "wd_running" pool in wd_worker() thread.

Clear the pool where appropriate instead of multiple create/destroy.

core, h2: common ap_parse_request_line() and ap_check_request_header() code.

Extract parsing/validation code from read_request_line() and ap_read_request()

into ap_parse_request_line() and ap_check_request_header() helpers such that

mod_http2 can validate its HTTP/1 request with the same/configured policy.

vote and propose [skip ci]

core, h2: send EOR for early HTTP request failure.

The core output filters depend on EOR being sent at some point for correct

accounting of setaside limits and lifetime.

Rework ap_read_request() early failure (including in post_read_request() hooks)

so that it always sends the EOR after ap_die().

Apply the same scheme in h2_request_create_rec() which is the HTTP/2 to HTTP/1


* Vote [skip ci]

vote mod_http2 PR64330

Merge r1876623 from trunk:

Allow failures for the gcc9 build since the repo seems to have broken deps.

[under CTR for Travis stuff]

* server/mpm/prefork/prefork.c (prefork_pre_config): Use pconf as

passed to the hook with ap_fatal_signal_child_setup, since

prefork.c's pconf "global" is not set until the (later) open_logs

hook, and if built as a DSO it may be reset inbetween.

* server/mpm/motorz/motorz.c (motorz_pre_config): Likewise.

[event and worker do not appear to have the same issue]

Allow failures for the gcc9 build since the repo seems to have broken deps.

* modules/core/mod_watchdog.c (wd_worker): Fix crashes snuck into

r1876599 where a destroyed pool was reused. Rename the "ctx"

variable to reflect its purpose. Also tweak the pool tags.

backport proposal for PR64330
*) mod_http2: Fixed regression that no longer set H2_STREAM_ID and H2_STREAM_TAG.


* modules/aaa/mod_authnz_ldap.c (build_request_config): Fix typo.

Add missing pool tags to help debugging.
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Axe remainder from r1875947.
Credits where it's due.
Add 2 proposals.

Add forgotten entries.

mod_{ssl,md}: init_stapling_status hooks should return an int.
mod_ssl: Fix memory leak in stapling code. PR63687.

Free issuer's X509 in ssl_stapling_init_cert()'s early return paths.

Submitted by: icing

PR64295 cannot override default Virtualhost's mod_reqtimeout

of course only body=n can work the headers have to parsed to get the virtualhost.

* modules/core/mod_watchdog.c: Switch to simpler logic to avoid the

thread cleanup running before the thread has started, avoiding

mutex operations which both have undefined behaviour:

a) double-locking an UNNESTED (non-recursive) mutex twice in the parent

b) unlocking a mutex in the spawned thread which was locked by the parent

(wd_startup, wd_worker_cleanup, wd_worker): Use a boolean to ensure

the cleanup does nothing if the thread wasn't started, drop the mutex.

* Whitespace style fixes. No functional change.
PR64313 htcacheclean: Empty directories in CacheRoot are still present even after using "-t"

Merge r1875923, r1876479 from trunk:

For future debugging ease, output the Travis tag & branch.

Don't fail the Travis build for ppc64le jobs, which are also unreliable.


[under CTR for Travis-specific changes]

Don't fail the Travis build for ppc64le jobs, which are also unreliable.


Simple typo of "malicious"