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add absent /modules/http2/*.o to .gitignore

gets my GH sandbox clean

add git-svn generated .gitignore

Submitted By: Renier Velazco <renier.velazco>

Committed By: covener

Github: closes #101

propose apxs fix

[skip ci]

fix apxs for non-destdir builds

subtr(...,0, -1) chops off a character and leaves relative path.

(you will need to re-run configure)

Post 2.4.42 tag updates
Tag HEAD of 2.4.x as 2.4.42
Get ready to tag httpd 2.4.42
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Typo, Thanks Ruediger Pluem <>

* modules/ssl/ssl_util_stapling.c (stapling_check_response) Don't send

out an OCSP response that can't be parsed.

If the crypto/ASN library can't parse a response as 'basic OCSP'

even if it leads with a OCSP successful status, then don't pass it

to the client. There is nothing to say at all it isn't just garbage.

And if other types of messages are standardized they can be added.

PR: 60182

Obtained from:

Submitted by: <>

Reviewed by: rpluem

* modules/ssl/ssl_util_stapling.c (stapling_check_response) Don't stop

Certificate Revoked messages.

Certificate Revoked Responder messages don't belong to 'error' class.

When the server receives one, it MUST be passed on to the client.

And stored for the normal period of basic responses.

Also don't log an error each time it is retrieved from cache,

only once when it is retrieved from the OCSP responder.

PR: 60182

Obtained from:

Submitted by: <>

Reviewed by: rpluem

* CHANGES for r1875353. [skip ci]
* modules/proxy/mod_proxy_http.c (ap_proxy_http_process_response): Clear any

possible returned buckets in the brigade in the error case. As we want to

close the connection anyway there is no sensible content we could still

sent and hence doing the needed life time transformation of the buckets

would be a waste.

PR: 64234

Add sha512

* server/log.c (ap_log_pid): Use more traditional C style in httpd for

exception-handling. No functional change.

I, for one, had *no idea* markmail was still a thing.

oops, left the menu link is long long gone.

Adds mod_perl to the 'Related Projects' list.

Adds Traffic Control to the 'related projects' list.

Update 5 year old messaging
* server/log.c (ap_log_pid): Use a temporary file, then rename once

successfully written; also add error checking. Avoids startup

failures if a previous httpd invocation crashed while writing the


Submitted by: Nicolas Carrier <carrier.nicolas0>, jorton

Github: closes #100, closes #69

PR: 63140

* acinclude.m4 (APACHE_CHECK_SYSTEMD): Remove redundant test.

Submitted by: Pascal Terjan <pterjan>

PR: 57631


remove backported [skip ci]

Merge r1874323 from trunk:

mod_ssl: follow up to r1861950: allow for OPENSSL_init_ssl() without autoconf.

For systems with no autoconf (eg. Windows), still check for and use

OPENSSL_init_ssl() based on OpenSSL version >= 1.1.0.

Usual LibreSSL gotcha, exclude LIBRESSL_VERSION_NUMBER from this new heuristic

since autoconf is likely available in this case.

remove [skip ci]

Merge r1869216, r1869224 from trunk:

mod_proxy_http: fix load-balancer fallback for requests with a body.

Since r1656259 (or r1656259 in 2.4.41) and the move of prefetch before connect,

the balancer fallback case where proxy_http_handler() is re-entered with the

next balancer member broke.

We need to save the body (partially) prefetched the first time and reuse it on

successive calls, otherwise we might forward partial or empty body.

mod_proxy_http: follow up to r1869216.

Let's call stream_reqbody() for all rb_methods, no RB_SPOOL_CL special case.

This both simplifies code and allows to keep EOS into the input_brigade until

it's sent, and thus detect whether we already fetched the whole body if/when

proxy_http_handler() re-enters for different balancer members.

passes new test

PR63891 tests for small post to down balancer member

* as advised by infra