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Changeset 1874907 is being indexed.

Merge r1874424 from trunk:

PR64172: drop severity of AH01666

Submitted by: covener

Reviewed by: covener, ylavic, jim


provide votes

revert r1874135

Since 2.5.0 was released, we shoudln't purge entries during backport like

we used to do periodically.

[skip ci]

done [skip ci]

Merge r1874346, r1874545, r1874558 from trunk:

Avoid printing NULL strings in logs

Avoid printing NULL strings in logs

"?:" is a GNU extension, use standard syntax

spotted by Christophe Jaillet

done [skip ci]

restore CHANGES entry [skip ci]

Merge r1874389, r1874480, r1874601 from trunk:

PR64077: samesite/httponly/secure flags for usertrack

Submitted By: Prashant Keshvani <prashant2400>, Eric Covener

Committed By: covener

* Whitespace fix

Remove duplicated "CookieTracking" directive in 'command_rec'.

promote [skip ci]

Update docs. The expr_string.t failure has not been seen since

the workaround was added AFAICT. The async filter bug

is still breaking the tests regularly. [skip ci].

* Vote and promote [skip ci]
* As this is a regression it looks like ablocker to me [skip ci]
tabs [skip ci].
Vote, promote.
* Use a loop instead of recursion to iterate over pool siblings
Fix travis config validation warnings.

Switch to using httpd-tests git repo.

Add empty files to preserve (otherwise empty) directories

in git mirror.

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    • ?
restore/explain new session creation

followup to r1874673. With the included providers for load/save this path should

not be taken.

backport porposal
*) mod_http2: Fixes issue where mod_unique_id would generate non-unique request

identifier under load, see <>.

[Michael Kaufmann, Stefan Eissing]

PR56040: add SessionCookieMaxAge On/Off

Allows mod_session cookies to out as "session" cookies.

bubble up an error if none of the passhrases work

previously, the un-decodable z->encoded would get set to NULL

but success would be returned

PR56052: resolve problems with expired sessions

session_load providers cache the session_rec pointer, so hollow

them out and reuse them instead of replacing them.

formatting [skip ci]

fr doc rebuild.

fr doc XML file update.

fr doc rebuild.