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Add a comment.

Add a comment.

Fix a typo (doubled "(") and a small grammar issue

(r1873767 in trunk)

Fix a typo (doubled "(") and a small grammar issue
add SameSite to RewriteRule ... ... [CO]


factor out TE=chunked checking

factor out default regex flags


trap bad FTP responses

* Remove svn:mergeinfo property. We only track that at the root
Merged. [skip ci]

Merge r1867970 from trunk:

* modules/generators/cgi_common.h (discard_script_output): Simplify

slightly and ensure constant rather than unlimited memory

consumption when discarding CGI script output (for e.g. a redirect


PR: 64096

Submitted by: jorton

Reviewed by: jorton, covener, rpluem

* Vote and promote
done in 1873738.

PR64066: config: Speed up graceful restarts

... by using pre-hashed command table.

Backports: r1872786.

Submitted By: Giovanni Bechis <giovanni>

Reviewed By: jim, jorton, covener


Add compatibility note for "DeflateAlterETag" (already present in 2.4.x)

Re-order to match 2.4.x order.

Fix a color syntax highlight to synch with 2.4.x

Add new module in "new features" in 2.4.x section

(r1873718 in trunk)

Add new module in "new features" in 2.4.x section
Add doc for mod_systemd in 2.4.x.
Add compatibility note for mod_systemd.

more alignment in wording

make the condition guidance stand out

rework the mysteries of onsuccess and always

I thought I was well-versed in this topic but reading my own text and

r1844401 while playing with samesite recipes made me want to rewrite it.

Pushed the advice down into the actions.

Merged. [skip ci]
Merge r1393976, r1393997, r1484554, r1528032, r1528034, r1614821, r1618579, r1618588, r1802251, r1840554, r1840555, r1872761, r1872763 from trunk:

* modules/arch/unix/mod_systemd.c: New module.

Submitted by: Jan Kaluza <jkaluza>

* modules/arch/unix/mod_systemd.c (systemd_pre_mpm): Simplify code

slightly; no functional change.


* Simplify/fix systemd detection: move later to fix

autoconf warnings; define HAVE_SYSTEMD rather than using CPPFLAGS.

* server/listen.c: Use HAVE_SYSTEMD for systemd #define.

* modules/arch/unix/config5.m4: Update systemd headers check.

Don't link support/* against systemd libs.

* Link httpd using $(HTTPD_LIBS).

* Add systemd to HTTPD_LIBS rather than LIBS. Add PCRE

libs to HTTPD_LIBS.

*, acinclude.m4: Move systemd check to APACHE_CHECK_SYSTEMD

and use pkg-config where available.

mod_systemd: Add IdleShutdown - number of seconds in idle-state after which

httpd is shutdown. This is useful in a combination with socket activation.

Add mod_systemd documentation.

mod_systemd: Use AP_SIG_GRACEFUL instead of SIGWINCH.

Fix overriding ExtendedStatus to "off" with mod_systemd loaded, and

give more feedback to systemd during a reload.

* modules/arch/unix/mod_systemd.c (systemd_pre_config): New

function; tell systemd the service is reloading here.

(systemd_pre_mpm): Don't set ap_extended_status here, do nothing

if ExtendedStatus is off.

(register_hooks): Register pre_config hook.

* modules/arch/unix/mod_systemd.c (systemd_post_config): Fix systemd

service getting stuck reloading if "ExtendedStatus off" is

configured; regression in r1802251.

PR: 62697

* modules/arch/unix/mod_systemd.c (systemd_pre_mpm, systemd_monitor):

Ignore sd_notify{,f} failure cases as currently recommended by the

systemd API docs.

* modules/arch/unix/mod_systemd.c: Remove IdleShutdown feature which

was buggy per sf's feedback in 2.4.x backport proposal, and would

probably be more appropriate outside this module anyway.

* modules/arch/unix/config5.m4: Don't override enable_systemd, fixing

--enable-systemd=static per covener's suggestion in


Also fix the APACHE_MODULE() usage; disable the module by default

for the "all" modules selection.

PR: 57632

Submitted by: jkaluza, jorton, nd

Reviewed by: jorton, jim, elukey

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fr doc rebuild.

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fr doc XML files updates.