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travis: remove verbose arg for Ubuntu Worker
Add arm64 support for Travis testing.

This support is experimental.

add a 2nd lua backport proposal

Use https instead of http when searching with Google.

PR 64058

Fixed by [stephane.blondon]

(r1872470 on trunk)

Use https instead of http when searching with Google.

PR 64058

Fixed by [stephane.blondon]

add r/o iterable tables

The current apr tables exposed support get/set but we cannot get the keys

or iterate. add _table() alternatives

fr doc rebuild.

fr doc XML updates.

fr doc rebuild.

fr doc XML update.

Switch to standard logging, no idea why this uses stderr.

Send EOS at the end of the response. Use a transient bucket

since there is no need to re-alloc the heap buffer.

Inserting a FLUSH as well appears to work around the failures

with worker MPM (seen regularly in Travis but easy to repro),

possibly a core filter bug, maybe related to handling

nonblocking writev??

In winnt_accept() (server/mpm/winnt/child.c), there's a call to PostQueuedCompletionStatus() with a buffer (BytesRead) for the number of bytes read.

When compiling the code with Visual Studio 2019 (v 16.3.10), we get a warning than BytesRead is not initialized. When using /RTCu (run-time checks for uninitialzed variables), the program crashes on this line with an exception.

If we initialize the variable to 0, the problem is solved.

PR 63965

travis: disable email notifications

There are still some spurious failures to iron out,

turn off email notification to avoid too many failure

emails to dev@.

travis: add verbose config to perl test suite for Ubuntu Worker All Modules

For some reason we get sporadic failures only in Ubuntu Worker All Modules' test:

t/apache/rwrite.t ................... 53/? # Failed test 113 in /home/travis/build/apache/httpd/test/perl-framework/blib/lib/Apache/ at line 56 fail #113

t/apache/rwrite.t ................... Failed 1/114 subtests

Recent examples:

Add "-verbose" as test option to capture more data about the failure

when it happens.

Add Travis job which runs tests in random order.

Github: closes #86

Cache SVN checkout of test/framework across Travis builds. Should

improve reliability (the checkout fails frequently) and performance,

plus reduces load on ASF infra.

Github: closes #85

Merge of r1872368 from trunk:

mod_slotmem_shm: reverting unwanted change bby backport

test/ increase backoff time before executing svn export
Variables may also be set using the Define directive
rebuild metafiles
Reorder sections.

missing word
rebuilt with change to comment text
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Rebuild with new text in the comments section.

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Change removed again to removed as suggested at
Change 'removed again' to 'removed' as suggested at

Adds tip of how to obtain the original requested URL, as per

Adds tip of how to obtain the original requested URL, as per

zap changes entry for non user-facing change

Credits where they are due.