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travis: add verbose config to perl test suite for Ubuntu Worker All Modules

For some reason we get sporadic failures only in Ubuntu Worker All Modules' test:

t/apache/rwrite.t ................... 53/? # Failed test 113 in /home/travis/build/apache/httpd/test/perl-framework/blib/lib/Apache/ at line 56 fail #113

t/apache/rwrite.t ................... Failed 1/114 subtests

Recent examples:

Add "-verbose" as test option to capture more data about the failure

when it happens.

Add Travis job which runs tests in random order.

Github: closes #86

Cache SVN checkout of test/framework across Travis builds. Should

improve reliability (the checkout fails frequently) and performance,

plus reduces load on ASF infra.

Github: closes #85

Merge of r1872368 from trunk:

mod_slotmem_shm: reverting unwanted change bby backport

test/ increase backoff time before executing svn export
Variables may also be set using the Define directive
rebuild metafiles
Reorder sections.

missing word
rebuilt with change to comment text
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Rebuild with new text in the comments section.

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Change removed again to removed as suggested at
Change 'removed again' to 'removed' as suggested at

Adds tip of how to obtain the original requested URL, as per

Adds tip of how to obtain the original requested URL, as per

zap changes entry for non user-facing change

Credits where they are due.

mod_http2: Fixed interaction with mod_reqtimeout. A loaded mod_http2 was disabling the

ssl handshake timeouts. Also, fixed a mistake of the last version that made `H2Direct`

always `on`, irregardless of configuration.

mod_http2: Multiple field length violations in the same request no longer cause

several log entries to be written.

Vote and promote.

Backport r1765061

ap_check_pipeline: clarify/simplify !max_blank_lines logic, no functional change.

Vote and promote.

Backport r1865740.

mod_ssl: OCSP does not apply to proxy mode.

Vote and promote.

Remove the backport.

Backport r1867183.

mod_proxy_html, mod_xml2enc: Fix build issues with macOS due to r1864469

Vote and promote.



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