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adding myself for debugging (happy 113th birthday to the inventor of that term\!)
travis: enable email notifications on success as test
Documentation rebuild
Axe an empty line in order to synch with 2.4.x
Remove check for committer status
Addendum to r1868930

update makefile to mod_md w/ ACMEv2 and OCSP

VC makefiles do not exist in trunk

Fix some typo

PR63971 expose apr_table_unset for headers/envvars

via nil assignment

Enable ppc64le builds, caching now seems to work in Travis for non-x86.

Skip "PCRE 1" job for 2.4.x since there's no PCRE 2 support. [skip ci]

Merge r1869541, r1869543, r1869564, r1869565, r1869684, r1869697, r1869703, r1869708, r1869729, r1869801, r1869846, r1870047, r1870077, r1870080, r1870086, r1870150, r1870550 from trunk:

Run buildconf using the specific APR/APR-util versions if configured.

Revert r1869541 and always run httpd's buildconf against the Debian APR,

which does include the *.m4 files.

Add shared-mpms build, add build against APR trunk (httpd trunk only).

Fix handling and ensure safe caching of APR trunk build.

Fix yaml typo.

* .travis.yml: Build on Bionic by default, only build w/APR 1.5.x for

the 2.4.x branch.

* .travis.yml, test/ Pass BUILDCONF to buildconf

and add job which uses the new option.

Install PCRE v2 (10.x) by default, add a job testing with PCRE "v1" (8.x).

Minor Travis doc updates and a todo list.

Test IRC and e-mail notifications.

Add build job for trunk on Xenial with custom APR/APR-util builds.

Try mailing dev@ for Travis build results.

The defaults are to mail:

- on success (if changed from failure)

- on failure (always)

Specify make flags globally and work around PR 63942 for regeneration

of server/util_expr parser.

Support travis builds against APR/APR-util non-trunk branches.

Add job for APR 1.7.x + APR-util 1.7.x.

Build on s390x (interesting test target since it's big-endian).

IRC notifications work, e-mail doesn't; branches are done.

ppc64le builds also work but are extremely slow, so not enabled.

Doc updates for Travis.

Note that APU_VERSION=trunk doesn't work per rpluem's mail.

Skip ap_expr regeneration for 2.4.x.

Skip ap_expr regeneration for 2.4.x.
update http2 backport proposal
Reverting r1870454 for this source.

proposing latest mod_http2 backport
to libev or not to libev...
updated lib versions
*) mod_http2: Fixed interaction with mod_reqtimeout. A loaded mod_http2 was disabling the

ssl handshake timeouts. Also, fixed a mistake of the last version that made `H2Direct`

always `on`, irregardless of configuration. Found and reported by

<> and

<>. [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_http2: Multiple field length violations in the same request no longer cause

several log entries to be written. [@mkauf]

Add a note about string comparison operators

PR 63919

(r1870427 in trunk)

Add a note about string comparison operators

PR 63919

Fix the version in a compatibility note

(r1870425 in trunk)

Fix the version in a compatibility note
Fix a small translation issue.

(r1870264 in trunk)

Fix a small translation issue.
Add a note about a possible incomplete backport proposal
Remove backported item
Synch 2.4.x and trunk:

Merge r1787229 from trunk

- core: print r->uri during failure

Merge r1842919 from trunk

- core: Call va_end before returning in the error case

Merge r1842926 from trunk

- mod_cache_disk: fix a Coverity warning

Merge r1856490 from trunk

- core: Provide TEST_CHAR macro in test_char.h

Merge r1862051 from trunk

- tag some pools

Merge r1864865 from trunk

- core: Fix a signed/unsigned comparison that can never match

Merge r1865871 from trunk

- mod_session: leave a hint about session expiration at TRACE2

Merge r1867256 from trunk

- mod_ssl: Fix a typo

Submitted by: covener,jorton,jorton,ylavic,jorton,jailletc36,covener,jailletc36

Reviewed by: jailletc36, jim, ylavic

Backported by: jailletc36

fr doc rebuild.