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Changeset 1870555 is being indexed.

Enable ppc64le builds, caching now seems to work in Travis for non-x86.

Skip "PCRE 1" job for 2.4.x since there's no PCRE 2 support. [skip ci]

Merge r1869541, r1869543, r1869564, r1869565, r1869684, r1869697, r1869703, r1869708, r1869729, r1869801, r1869846, r1870047, r1870077, r1870080, r1870086, r1870150, r1870550 from trunk:

Run buildconf using the specific APR/APR-util versions if configured.

Revert r1869541 and always run httpd's buildconf against the Debian APR,

which does include the *.m4 files.

Add shared-mpms build, add build against APR trunk (httpd trunk only).

Fix handling and ensure safe caching of APR trunk build.

Fix yaml typo.

* .travis.yml: Build on Bionic by default, only build w/APR 1.5.x for

the 2.4.x branch.

* .travis.yml, test/ Pass BUILDCONF to buildconf

and add job which uses the new option.

Install PCRE v2 (10.x) by default, add a job testing with PCRE "v1" (8.x).

Minor Travis doc updates and a todo list.

Test IRC and e-mail notifications.

Add build job for trunk on Xenial with custom APR/APR-util builds.

Try mailing dev@ for Travis build results.

The defaults are to mail:

- on success (if changed from failure)

- on failure (always)

Specify make flags globally and work around PR 63942 for regeneration

of server/util_expr parser.

Support travis builds against APR/APR-util non-trunk branches.

Add job for APR 1.7.x + APR-util 1.7.x.

Build on s390x (interesting test target since it's big-endian).

IRC notifications work, e-mail doesn't; branches are done.

ppc64le builds also work but are extremely slow, so not enabled.

Doc updates for Travis.

Note that APU_VERSION=trunk doesn't work per rpluem's mail.

Skip ap_expr regeneration for 2.4.x.

Skip ap_expr regeneration for 2.4.x.
update http2 backport proposal
Reverting r1870454 for this source.

proposing latest mod_http2 backport
to libev or not to libev...
updated lib versions
*) mod_http2: Fixed interaction with mod_reqtimeout. A loaded mod_http2 was disabling the

ssl handshake timeouts. Also, fixed a mistake of the last version that made `H2Direct`

always `on`, irregardless of configuration. Found and reported by

<> and

<>. [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_http2: Multiple field length violations in the same request no longer cause

several log entries to be written. [@mkauf]

Add a note about string comparison operators

PR 63919

(r1870427 in trunk)

Add a note about string comparison operators

PR 63919

Fix the version in a compatibility note

(r1870425 in trunk)

Fix the version in a compatibility note
Fix a small translation issue.

(r1870264 in trunk)

Fix a small translation issue.
Add a note about a possible incomplete backport proposal
Remove backported item
Synch 2.4.x and trunk:

Merge r1787229 from trunk

- core: print r->uri during failure

Merge r1842919 from trunk

- core: Call va_end before returning in the error case

Merge r1842926 from trunk

- mod_cache_disk: fix a Coverity warning

Merge r1856490 from trunk

- core: Provide TEST_CHAR macro in test_char.h

Merge r1862051 from trunk

- tag some pools

Merge r1864865 from trunk

- core: Fix a signed/unsigned comparison that can never match

Merge r1865871 from trunk

- mod_session: leave a hint about session expiration at TRACE2

Merge r1867256 from trunk

- mod_ssl: Fix a typo

Submitted by: covener,jorton,jorton,ylavic,jorton,jailletc36,covener,jailletc36

Reviewed by: jailletc36, jim, ylavic

Backported by: jailletc36

fr doc rebuild.

fr doc XML files updates.

fr doc rebuild.

fr doc XML file update.

* Add proposal
Note that APU_VERSION=trunk doesn't work per rpluem's mail. [skip ci]

Add logno.
Buffer HTTP request bodies for TLSv1.3 PHA in the same way as for

TLSv<1.3 renegotiation.

* modules/ssl/ssl_engine_kernel.c (fill_reneg_buffer): Factor


(ssl_hook_Access_classic): ... from here.

(ssl_hook_Access_modern): Use it here too.

Github: closes #75

Also skip PHA tests for < 2.5 since they fail.

Improve skip messages.

Update comments for PHA test and also test SSLRenegBufferSize

is applied properly.