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Changeset 1869548 is being indexed.

Add APR 1.4/APR-util 1.4 build, but only for 2.4.x.

Revert r1869541 and always run httpd's buildconf against the Debian APR,

which does include the *.m4 files.

Run buildconf using the specific APR/APR-util versions if configured.

Build APR-util 1.6.x --with-crypto otherwise the "mod_crypto" build fails,

though this is a bug:

Build all modules when testing APR variations.
Add Travis support for multiple APR/APR-util versions.

Add an APR build with --enable-pool-debug.

Support 2.4.x builds, which lacks --with-test-suite support.

Build with --enable-load-all-modules only when the test suite is run.

Remove duplicated CHANGES entry.
Comment, vote, promote.
Comment, vote, promote.
mod_authz_core: follow up to r1864759.

We should at least log the unexpected provider_name == NULL condition.

Propose (and remove backported entry).
Merge r1869499, r1869500 from trunk:

Use latest/compatible apr_common.m4.

Never checkin generated files applied to build/apr_common.m4.

Reviewed on dev@ by: ylavic, icing, rpluem

Merge r1868313 from trunk:

Honor "Accept-Encoding: foo;q=0" as per RFC 7231; which means 'foo' is

"not acceptable". PR 58158

Submitted by: jailletc36

Reviewed/backported by: jailletc36, jim, ylavic

Vote, promote.
Never checkin generated files applied to build/apr_common.m4.
Use latest/compatible apr_common.m4.
some backport votes

fr doc rebuild.

Small changes.

fr doc rebuild.

Small changes.

Move before/run scripts out of .travis.yml.

Reviewed by: elukey

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Update travis config

* Add 'if TRAVIS_OS_NAME' to before_install/before_script/script to allow multi-os testing.

* Add separation lines in matrix config (better visual impact).

* Add Linux to all the current job's name.

* Add tests for Worker mpm.

fr doc rebuild.

Small changes.

fr doc rebuild.

Small changes.

Pull in more -dev packages to get more modules building (including mod_md).

Test gcc 7 on bionic, xenial is the Travis default anyway.

Only add the toolchain PPA where really needed.

Add comment, no functional change.