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Changeset 1868461 is being indexed.

provide note re backport

* Correctly initialize nomime member
Add a note
Honor "Accept-Encoding: foo;q=0" as per RFC 7231; which means 'foo' is "not acceptable". PR 58158
Add some tests for mod_brotli and mod_deflate to check for:

Accept-Encoding: foo; q=0

which means foo is "not acceptable"

Tests in mod_brotli are more extensive because they were easier to add.

Fix pool concurrency problems

Create a subpool of the connection pool for worker scoped DNS resolutions.

This is needed to avoid race conditions in using the connection pool by multiple

threads during ramp up.

Recheck after obtaining the lock if we still need to do things or if they

were already done by another thread while we were waiting on the lock.

* modules/proxy/proxy_util.c: Create a subpool of the connection pool for worker

scoped DNS resolutions and use it.

* modules/proxy/mod_proxy.h: Define AP_VOLATILIZE_T and add dns_pool to

struct proxy_conn_pool.

* modules/proxy/mod_proxy_ftp.c: Use dns_pool and consider that

worker->cp->addr is volatile in this location of the code.

PR: 63503

* Add back logging goodness

Add back logging goodness added by covener in r1865938.

* Revert r1865944 and r1865938

Revert r1865944 and r1865938 in order to provide a better patch with less

locking and thus contention.


PR63503: fix pool concurrency problems in mod_proxy

reslist and resolver related calls could concurrently access the same pool.

Submitted By: Don Poitras <Don.Poitras>

Committed By: covener

Backport a part of r1722328 that have been missed when backported in 2.4.x in r1744951

This is only some extra spaces used for alignment

fr doc rebuild.

fr doc XML file update.

Fix a typo in a message.

Reported and fixed by Christian Bartolomäus (bartolin

PR 63806

Fix some typo and add some extra information.

(r1866243 in trunk)

PR 63715 reported by WJCarpenter (bill-apache

Align some text in examples in order to synch a bit with trunk.

Fix build broken w/o --enable-cgid-fdpassing by r1867968:

* modules/generators/cgi_common.h: Only define CGI bucket type

if WANT_CGI_BUCKET is defined.

* modules/generators/mod_cgi.c: Always include cgi_common.h, defining


* modules/generators/mod_cgid.c: Always include cgi_common.h, defining

WANT_CGI_BUCKET iff HAVE_CGID_FDPASSING (--enable-cgid-fdpassing).

* modules/generators/cgi_common.h (discard_script_output): Simplify

slightly and ensure constant rather than unlimited memory

consumption when discarding CGI script output (for e.g. a redirect


Move common (and near-identical) code for CGI response output handling

to cgi_common.h; the diff between the modules for this code was as


Change from previous: mod_cgi will now explicitly discard output when

returning HTTP_MOVED_TEMPORARILY for relative redirects (should not be

functionally different), TRACE1 logging of ap_pass_brigade failures

for mod_cgid is dropped.

* modules/generators/cgi_common.h (cgi_handle_response): New function,

factored out from mod_cgid.

(discard_script_output): Copied function from mod_cgi/d unchanged.

* modules/generator/mod_cgid.c (cgid_handler),

modules/generator/mod_cgi.c (cgi_handler): Use cgi_handle_response.

Fix minor typo; credits to
* modules/generators/cgi_common.h (cgi_bucket_create):

Disable APR timeout handling here for all callers.

* modules/generators/mod_cgi.c (cgi_handler): ... drop it here.

* modules/generators/mod_cgid.c (sock_readhdr): Only set up control

message block when required; add some additional error handling.

Be more verbose in --verbose mode
Fix apreq_brigade_concat() when spooling data.

Clear the old brigade before reusing it for spooled data, and fix the

offset and size args inversion when creating the file bucket.

Merge r1866760 from ^/httpd/apreq/trunk:

parser_multipart: fix NULL pointer dereference in nested multipart

create_multipart_context() can return NULL if the given Content-Type

was not recognized (if there is no "boundary" attribute). This

crashes libapreq2.

This bug was introduced by SVN commit 227276. Prior to this commit,

there was a NULL check, but the commit removed it:

Submitted by: max

fr doc rebuild.

fr doc XML file update.

fr doc rebuild.

fr doc XML file update.

Copy the xsl file used by './ prettify' from trunk.

This allows to use it in the 2.4.x branch to in order to help refresh syntax highlight file.

Refresh prettify.js to update some missing syntax highlight

(mostly related to mod_md)