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Changeset 1864868 is being indexed.

Fix a signed/unsigned comparison that can never match.

-1 is a valid length value (for socket, pipe and cgi buckets for example)

All path I've checked cast the -1 to (apr_size_t) in order for the comparison to work. So do it as well here.

This has been like that in trunk since r708144, about 11 years ago, so I assume that it is not really an issue.

Spotted by gcc 9.1 and -Wextra

Fix a signed/unsigned comparison that can never match.

(+ add a missing space to improve formating)

Spotted by gcc 9.1 and -Wextra

Fix to allow the logging of SSL_CIPHER variable (instead of SSL_COPHER)

(reported by eric-therond in GitHub issue #60)

Fix was backported in r1709121 and will be part

of 2.4.41.

Add note about 2.4.40 not being released
Post 2.4.41 tag updates
Tag HEAD of 2.4.x as 2.4.41
Get ready to tag httpd 2.4.41
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Update mergeinfo, r1296428 was merged to 2.4.x in r1298453

Merge r1846254 from trunk (under "documentation" RTC exception):

* support/htpasswd.c (usage): Fix bcrypt round maximum.

* docs/manual/programs/htpasswd.xml: Document that bcrypt rounds are

capped at 17.

PR: 62078

Update mergeinfo for mod_proxy backports in r1864787.

Tweak text, credit Niels.

-l and -L are not exclusive.

Document the 'G' suffix.

See PR 63638

(r1864786 in trunk)

Merge of r1864693,1864695,1864703 from trunk;

*) mod_proxy: Improve XSRF/XSS protection. [Joe Orton]

-l and -L are not exclusive.

Document the 'G' suffix.

See PR 63638

-l and -L are not exclusive.

Document the 'G' suffix.

Fix some minor style issues.

Synch a bit with trunk
Merge r1709121 from trunk:

mod_session: Introduce SessionExpiryUpdateInterval which allows to

configure the session/cookie expiry's update interval. PR 57300.

Submitted by: Paul Spangler <paul.spangler>

Reviewed/Committed by: ylavic

Vote, promote.

When did 80 char max line lengths go out of fashion?



Fix a corner case where automatic APLOGNO number generation generates invalid code. (see r1864733 fixed in r1864736, thx Eric)

Not sure why this ,? is there, but it looks uneeded to me.

There is maybe a link with the patterns used in 'find-messages.cocci'. They seem to add some extra , after the empty APLOGNO() it generates.

I will investigate further and fix 'find-messages.cocci' accordingly if needed.

Axe some dead code + slighly improve a comment
Tweak coccinelle search pattern.

ssl_log_xerror is the only ssl function that takes a 'pool' argument.

Remove the function name regex as already done for 'ap_log_cserror' above.

propose SessionExpiryUpdateInterval

followup to r1864733

followup to r1864734