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Synch a bit with trunk
Merge r1709121 from trunk:

mod_session: Introduce SessionExpiryUpdateInterval which allows to

configure the session/cookie expiry's update interval. PR 57300.

Submitted by: Paul Spangler <paul.spangler>

Reviewed/Committed by: ylavic

Vote, promote.

When did 80 char max line lengths go out of fashion?



Fix a corner case where automatic APLOGNO number generation generates invalid code. (see r1864733 fixed in r1864736, thx Eric)

Not sure why this ,? is there, but it looks uneeded to me.

There is maybe a link with the patterns used in 'find-messages.cocci'. They seem to add some extra , after the empty APLOGNO() it generates.

I will investigate further and fix 'find-messages.cocci' accordingly if needed.

Axe some dead code + slighly improve a comment
Tweak coccinelle search pattern.

ssl_log_xerror is the only ssl function that takes a 'pool' argument.

Remove the function name regex as already done for 'ap_log_cserror' above.

propose SessionExpiryUpdateInterval

followup to r1864733

followup to r1864734

Add missing APLOGNO

(r1864733 in trunk)

Add missing APLOGNO
fr doc rebuild.

    • ?
fr doc - new file.

    • ?
quick vote on balancer

proxy-balancer XSRF/XSS fixes.

lognos from trunk

some mergeinfo blocked `svn merge` from taking any action so I did diff/patch.

stapling logno

* modules/proxy/mod_proxy_balancer.c (balancer_display_page):

Add more HTML-escaping.

Submitted by: Niels Heinen <heinenn>

Merge r1864699 from trunk:


no votes for APLOGNO commits.

99% sure but please reply



Bump next-number after r1864695.

* modules/proxy/mod_proxy_balancer.c (balancer_handler): Check Referer

to improve on protection against balancer-manager XSRF attacks

provided by the nonce.

* modules/proxy/proxy_util.c (ap_proxy_share_balancer): Create the

nonce as a pseudo-UUID using the PRNG.

Merge r1856560, r1856561, r1856846 from trunk:

Update apr_common.m4 to latest (trunk).

Note: why is that file in the httpd repo??

Revert r1856560: was not the latest apr_common.m4 version anyway...

How does that change came in my local workspace in the first place??

Well, our build with latest APR trunk seems to insist on updating apr_common.m4

So be it.

Submitted by: ylavic

Reviewed by: rjung, jorton, jim