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Changeset 1864452 is being indexed.

Propose with essay.

Unfortunately -Wcomment can only be influenced

using a diagnostics pragma starting with GCC 4.6.

Follow up to r1864438 and r1864435:

Use the right pragma syntax also in the second file.

Add another patch to fix the new use of pragma.

Still under test.

Use the right pragma syntax.

Follow-up to r1864435.

desk-check mod_md related revert

Note some progress, not yet rady vor vote.

The GCC flag "-Wno-error=comment" introduced by r1855446

and r1850745 are only known since GCC 4.2. Since it gets

set unconditionally, this breaks compilation with old GCC

even when not using maintainer mode.

Make the fix for maintainer mode more specific by using

a version dependent pragma in the relevant two C files

only switching off error status for comment warnings.

proposing backport of r1864428

*) mod_ssl: reverting a 2.4.40 change where a superfluous SSLCertificateChainFile configuration

for a domain managed by mod_md caused a startup error. This happened when mod_md installed

its fallback certificate, before it got the first real certificate from Lets Encrypt.

Merged /httpd/httpd/trunk:r1864425

* mod_md: assigning APLOGNO(), silencing compiler warnings

* mod_md: fix compiler warnings

Post 2.4.40 tag updates
Tag HEAD of 2.4.x as 2.4.40
Get ready to tag httpd 2.4.40
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Merge of r1864192 from trunk:

*) core, rewrite: Set PCRE_DOTALL by default

adapting expectation to changed url reporting in error docs
Merge of r1863635 from trunk:

*) md_crypt: Wrap get_ct_scts_nid(void) definition to avoid unused function error

when building in maintainer mode. [jim]

update after backport
Merge of r1864191 from trunk:

*) core, proxy: remove request URL and headers from error docs

[Eric Covener]

* Vote and promote
propose recent trunk revs

remove mystery sleep and intermittent sockaddr_in failure

set PCRE_DOTALL by default

Submitted by ylavic

remove request details from error documents

Merged /httpd/httpd/trunk:r1864153

Fix unnecessary redefinition of AP_ENABLE_EXCEPTION_HOOK. [Eric Covener]

don't mess with AP_ENABLE_EXCEPTION_HOOK on trunk

mpm_common defines it later anyway:

In file included from mod_md.c:25:

In file included from /Users/covener/SRC/httpd-trunk/include/mpm_common.h:40:

In file included from /Users/covener/SRC/httpd-trunk/include/ap_config.h:184:

/Users/covener/SRC/httpd-trunk/include/ap_config_auto.h:11:9: error: 'AP_ENABLE_EXCEPTION_HOOK' macro redefined [-Werror,-Wmacro-redefined]

update transformation

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