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merge information from h2 backport
Merge of r1861338,1862475,1862583,1862865,1863221,1863276 from trunk:

*) mod_http2: core setting "LimitRequestFieldSize" is not additionally checked on

merged header fields, just as HTTP/1.1 does. [Stefan Eissing, Michael Kaufmann]

*) mod_http2: fixed a bug that prevented proper stream cleanup when connection

throttling was in place. Stream resets by clients on streams initiated by them

are counted as possible trigger for throttling. [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_http2/mpm_event: Fixes the behaviour when a HTTP/2 connection has nothing

more to write with streams ongoing (flow control block). The timeout waiting

for the client to send WINODW_UPDATE was incorrectly KeepAliveTimeout and not

Timeout as it should be. Fixes PR 63534. [Yann Ylavic, Stefan Eissing]

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Add CHANGES for r1864005

(backport of r1856829 from trunk).

Merge r1856829 from trunk:

*) mod_proxy: Load balancer byrequests required when bytraffic chosen

PR 62372

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Add CHANGES for r1864000

(backport of r1853560 from trunk).

update after backport
Merging r1853560 from trunk:

*) mod_proxy_hcheck: Create the configure for mod_proxy_hcheck when used in BalancerMember.

PR 60757

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update after backport
Merged /httpd/httpd/trunk:r1851621,1852128,1862075

*) mod_ssl/mod_md: reversing dependency by letting mod_ssl offer hooks for

adding certificates and keys to a virtual host. An additional hook allows

answering special TLS connections as used in ACME challenges.

Adding 2 new hooks for init/get of OCSP stapling status information when

other modules want to provide those. Falls back to own implementation with

same behaviour as before.

Backport proposal

Wrap get_ct_scts_nid() in preproc in order to avoid error: unused function 'get_ct_scts_nid' [-Werror,-Wunused-function] in maint mode

mod_proxy_hcheck: mod_proxy_hcheck: mute "run from watchdog" message.

This is way too verbose (every 100ms) to be logged at any LogLevel.

Backport of r1853992 from trunk.

Proposed by: rjung

Backported by: rjung

Reviewed by: rjung, jailletc36, jim

core: fix crash when running with apr lib build with APR_POOL_DEBUG.

Observed with huge config and mod_security using long config lines.

Backport of r1863179 from trunk.

Proposed by: rjung

Backported by: rjung

Reviewed by: rjung, icing, jim

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Backport votes

fr doc - Adding new html file after rebuild.

fr doc rebuild.

fr doc - adding a new xml file.

fr doc rebuild.

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fr doc - adding a new xml file.

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Synch trunk and 2.4.x

Remove some useless spaces which have never been backported in 2.4.x.

This was part of r1724879 and was backported in r1744951

Synch 2.4 and trunk.

Remove an empty line that must have been missed in a backport.

Follow up to r1863315.