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Changeset 1863597 is being indexed.

mod_proxy_hcheck: mod_proxy_hcheck: mute "run from watchdog" message.

This is way too verbose (every 100ms) to be logged at any LogLevel.

Backport of r1853992 from trunk.

Proposed by: rjung

Backported by: rjung

Reviewed by: rjung, jailletc36, jim

core: fix crash when running with apr lib build with APR_POOL_DEBUG.

Observed with huge config and mod_security using long config lines.

Backport of r1863179 from trunk.

Proposed by: rjung

Backported by: rjung

Reviewed by: rjung, icing, jim

and promote

Backport votes

fr doc - Adding new html file after rebuild.

fr doc rebuild.

fr doc - adding a new xml file.

fr doc rebuild.

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fr doc - adding a new xml file.

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Synch trunk and 2.4.x

Remove some useless spaces which have never been backported in 2.4.x.

This was part of r1724879 and was backported in r1744951

Synch 2.4 and trunk.

Remove an empty line that must have been missed in a backport.

Follow up to r1863315.


remove useless mail address for a comitter

cleanup after backport of change
Merge of r1862014 from trunk:

*) mod_proxy_hcheck fix for BZ 60948

Merge of r1851146 from trunk:

*) cache_storage: be consistent when building a cache key value when CacheKeyBaseURL is used with

an URL that contains a :port.

PR 53915 [Rein Tollevik <rein>]

Merge of r1426802,1744460,1829799,1824716,1838318,1840678,1861294

*) easy patches to synch 2.4.x and trunk:

- core: extend description of r->hostname

- mod_proxy_http: Avoid memory allocation before making sure that this handler can handle the URL

- core: Save a few cycles in 'ap_parse_form_data()'

- mod_cache_socache: Save some cycles

- mod_proxy_ftp: Save some cycle

- vhost: move an assignment to the end of the loop to ease readability and please a compiler

- core: Be a little more verbose when an error in trigerred in 'ap_set_file_slot()'

Merge of r1847430,r1853302 from trunk:

*) core: Split out the ability to parse wildcard files and directories

from the Include/IncludeOptional directives into a generic set of

functions ap_dir_nofnmatch() and ap_dir_fnmatch().

* vote+promote

update proposal
now with more
*) mod_http2: core setting "LimitRequestFieldSize" is not additionally checked on

merged header fields, just as HTTP/1.1 does. [Stefan Eissing, Michael Kaufmann]

mod_http2: update log tags, log field len errors at INFO level (via mkaufmann)

mod_proxy_http2: udpate log tags

update aplogno in recent hook changes
mod_cgid: Continuation of r1862968, experimental fd passing support.

Split out CGI bucket implementation from mod_cgi and use in both

mod_cgi and mod_cgid, bringing stderr handling in mod_cgid up to par

with mod_cgi. (There is a lot of code which has been copied between

mod_cgi{,d} so there's scope for further reduction of source

duplication between the modules using this header)

* modules/generators/cgi_common.h: Copied from mod_cgi.c, removed

everything but the CGI bucket implementation with only one change:

(struct cgi_bucket_data, cgi_bucket_create, cgi_bucket_read): Take a

timeout on bucket creation, store and use on reads.

* modules/generators/mod_cgi.c [APR_FILES_AS_SOCKETS]: Include


(cgi_handler): Pass configured timeout to CGI bucket.

* modules/generators/mod_cgid.c: Include cgi_common.h.

(log_script_err): Copy from mod_cgi.c.

(log_script): Use log_script_err.

(send_req): Take fd for stderr.

(cgid_child_errfn): Handle fd-passing case by writing error

to stderr for client to pass through ap_log_rerror.

(cgid_handler): Create pipe for stderr, pass write-end to

server via send_req, use read-end to create CGI bucket. Handle

stderr output in failure paths.

PR: 54221

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Fix crashes when running with debug APR (APR_POOL_DEBUG),

because all pools have NULL allocators then.

This workaround is probably not very efficient,

but is only used when we do APR_POOL_DEBUG

and efficiency shouldn't be a big concern then.