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Changeset 1858661 is being indexed.

The bump in r1855311 looks slighly optimistic.

March, 12th should be enough

* modules/cache/mod_socache_shmcb.c (socache_shmcb_init): Describe

error better for anon shm failure case, fixing gcc 9 warning on

passing NULL for '%s'.

fr doc rebuild.

XML fr doc update.

fr doc rebuild.

XML fr doc update.

revert r1857857.

The comment is useful and the dead-code is future proof (and should be axed by the compiler anyway)

Fix a compilation error when GPROF is defined.
Easy vote and easy proposals
Axe a useless comment.

Remove some dead code and innacurate comment. 'r' can not be dereferenced later in the function. (this is obvious since r1814659)

(Reverted in r1858070)

Fix use of StateDir directive after r1852982:

* server/core.c (reset_config): Rename from reset_config_defines;

tie core_state_dir to pconf lifetime in this cleanup.

(core_pre_config): Adjust accordingly.

* modules/md/mod_md_config.c (md_config_post_config): Pick up base_dir

from statedir in post-config phase so StateDir can influence it.

* modules/dav/fs/mod_dav_fs.c (dav_fs_create_server_config): Don't

init lockdb_path here. (dav_fs_post_config): New function; set

lockdb_path based on configured statedir.

Merge r1857626 from trunk:

Add security note on CoreDumpDirectory for Linux.

Reviewed by: icing, elukey

Add security note on CoreDumpDirectory for Linux.

Reviewed by: icing, elukey


Fix wrong use of ap_rputs with formats.

Use ap_rprintf instead.

It seems noone has PIPE_BUF defined.

* Vote
Vote, promote and propose.
Follow up to r1857129: CHANGES entry.
mod_reqtimeout: fix default_[stage]_rate_factor initializations.

r1853901 lowercased the [stage] for MRT_DEFAULT_[stage]_* macros but missed

to change the ones used in reqtimeout_hooks() to initialize the default rate

factors, leading to no default rate in 2.4.39. Fix that now. PR 63325.

Add an extra empty line
Clean-up the bottom of the generated CHANGES_x.y.z files as reported by Niklas Edmundsson <nikke> on the dev mailing list.

No need to make any reference to 2.0, 2.2 or 2.3 here, this file is specific to CHANGES in the last release only.

update after backport
Merged /httpd/httpd/trunk:r1856297

*) mod_md: Store permissions are enforced on file creation, enforcing restrictions in

spite of umask. Fixes <>. [Stefan Eissing]

update after backport
Merge of r1850745,r1855446 from trunk:

modules/filters/config.m4: Make libxml2's inclusion of unicode/*.h files

a non-fatal warning/error under maintainer-mode.

quick one from users@