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Changeset 1856634 is being indexed.

XML files fr doc updates.

fr doc rebuild.

XML files fr doc updates.

Revert r1856560: was not the latest apr_common.m4 version anyway...

How does that change came in my local workspace in the first place??

Update apr_common.m4 to latest (trunk).

Note: why is that file in the httpd repo??

mod_cache: follow up to r1856493: cache_strqtok() to reject quoted tokens.

Use a real state machine to track where quotes are allowed, and for

better clarity too...

mod_cache: follow up to r1856493: always terminate cache_strqtok() returns.

Vote, promote.
mod_cache: Fix parsing of quoted Cache-Control token arguments. PR 63288.

Make cache_strqtok() return both the token and its unquoted argument (if any),

or an error if the parsing fails.

Cache-Control integer values (max-age, max-stale, ...) can then be parsed w/o

taking care of the (optional) quoting.

Suggested by: fielding

Follow up to r1856490: missing one mod_log_forensic test_char_table case.

Provide TEST_CHAR marco in test_char.h

For (internal) usage outside server/util.c, mod_log_forensic for now

and mod_cache (T_HTTP_TOKEN_STOP) in a few...

backport votes

Add in generated docs

Add missing mod_socache_redis.xml file

It was part of but is not in r1855817.

update transformations.
  1. … 62 more files in changeset.
update for sync with English docs.
Post 2.4.39 tag updates
Tag HEAD of 2.4.x as 2.4.39
Get ready to tag httpd 2.4.39
  1. … 27 more files in changeset.
Skip tests if AnyEvent isn't installed.

Test a size which works reliably in absence of known LWP

full-duplex HTTP weirdness.

Check for DateTime module.

merge r1856322 from trunk

add loadmodule line to sochache_redis to httpd.conf in Windows

Ryan has asked for this to be removed. Old link

Backport proposal for latest mod_md fix.

*) mod_md: Store permissions are enforced on file creation, enforcing restrictions in

spite of umask. Fixes <>. [Stefan Eissing]

merge r1774657 from trunk

add .mak/dep for command line build

Send Connection: close rather than use cheeky TCP half-close

which gives intermittent failures.

Propose opt-out for proxy 100-continue.