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Changeset 1855705 is being indexed.

Merge consecutive slashes in the URL by default

opt-out w/ `MergeSlashes OFF`.

Small note to update the doc once mod_socache_redis is backported
Update compatibility notes for mod_socache_redis
vote/promote on some safe ones

allow mod_mime to be de disabled per-dir too

fr doc rebuild.

xml fr doc updates.

fr doc rebuild.

xml fr doc updates.

XML tags reordering.

mod_proxy/ssl: cleanup per-request SSL configuration for recycled proxy conns.

The SSL dir config of proxy/backend connections is stored in r->per_dir_config

but those connections have a lifetime independent of the requests they handle.

So we need to allow the external ssl_engine_set() function to reset mod_ssl's

dir config in between proxy requests, or the first sslconn->dc could be used

after free for the next requests.

mod_proxy can then reset/reinit the request config when recycling its backend


PR 63256.

Fix some HTML syntax issues.

PR 63095 (Masahiro IMABAYASHI, <masahiro.imabayashi>)

synch 2.4.x with trunk.

When r1729208 has been backported in 2.4.x (see r1743576), a coment has been missed in the backport proposal and has never reached 2.4.x.

Add it now, in order to synch a bit the 2 branches.

Record changes from r1855519.
Uplift of relevante changes of r1855479 in branches/2.4.x, re disappearance of h2_ngn_shed.* sources.

Set svn:ignore.

adjust per r1855434

spotted by Ruediger

wrong hat

mod_mime: Add `MimeOptions`

mod_mime: Add `MimeOptions` directive to allow Content-Type or all metadata

detection to use only the last (right-most) file extension.

update patch

Make the work-around for C++ style comments causing fatal errors in

maintainer-mode for later versions of clang module compile specific

(we will still SEE the errors though when buidlin)

Record merges from r1855431.
Removing no longer used source after last mod_http2 backport.

update after backport, mod_http2/proxy_http2 now equivalent
update after backport
Merge of 1849296,1852038,1852101,1852339,1853171,1853967,1854365,1854963,1854964,1855295,1855411 from trunk:

*) mod_http2: when SSL renegotiation is inhibited and a 403 ErrorDocument is

in play, the proper HTTP/2 stream reset did not trigger with H2_ERR_HTTP_1_1_REQUIRED.

Fixed. [Michael Kaufmann]

*) mod_http2: new configuration directive: `H2Padding numbits` to control

padding of HTTP/2 payload frames. 'numbits' is a number from 0-8,

controlling the range of padding bytes added to a frame. The actual number

added is chosen randomly per frame. This applies to HEADERS, DATA and PUSH_PROMISE

frames equally. The default continues to be 0, e.g. no padding. [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_http2: ripping out all the h2_req_engine internal features now that mod_proxy_http2

has no more need for it. Optional functions are still declared but no longer implemented.

While previous mod_proxy_http2 will work with this, it is recommeneded to run the matching

versions of both modules. [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_proxy_http2: changed mod_proxy_http2 implementation and fixed several bugs which

resolve PR63170. The proxy module does now a single h2 request on the (reused)

connection and returns. [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_http2/mod_proxy_http2: proxy_http2 checks correct master connection aborted status

to trigger immediate shutdown of backend connections. This is now always signalled

by mod_http2 when the the session is being released.

proxy_http2 now only sends a PING frame to the backend when there is not already one

in flight. [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_proxy_http2: fixed an issue where a proxy_http2 handler entered an infinite

loop when encountering certain errors on the backend connection.

See <>. [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_http2: Configuration directives H2Push and H2Upgrade can now be specified per

Location/Directory, e.g. disabling PUSH for a specific set of resources. [Stefan Eissing]

*) mod_http2: HEAD requests to some module such as mod_cgid caused the stream to

terminate improperly and cause a HTTP/2 PROTOCOL_ERROR.

Fixes <>. [Michael Kaufmann]

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Vote, promote.
Update mod_reqtimeout 'handshake' compatibility version (r1855413 did it for 2.4.x already).
added r1855411 which reverts the unwanted revert of r1852989 to backport proposal of mod_http2