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Changeset 1844558 is being indexed.

mod_proxy.xml: backport r1844556
documentation rebuild
mod_proxy.xml: explicitly state that proxypass cannot be used with If
Check against the right h2 vhost.

Note that "t/TEST -configure -sslproto ..."

changes the SSLProtocol setting for the nomal

mod_ssl vhost, but not for the h2 vhost. The

SSLProtocol of that one is fixed

("SSLProtocol All -SSLv2 -SSLv3").

Check actual TLS version used by client and

server and skip h2 tests if it is smaller

then TLSv1_2.

add note about PR 62025 for backport proposal of r1832092
Fx a likely typo in r1842929: runtimedir plus

statedir instead of runtimedir twice.

Check local OpenSSL version used in test suite

and run h2 tests only if >= 1.0.0.

Skip parts which we do not run instead of simply

not running them, so we can see the reason.

Sporadically UDS tests fail due to accept

not (yet) working. Maybe the unix socket

is not ready yet when the client tries to

connect. So give it a bit more time.

Fix success/failure checks for OpenSSL 1.1.1.

Handshake failures can also be signalled

later during SSL_read(). In these cases SSL_connect

seems to succeed and the alert will not become

part of the internal response generated by


documentation rebuild
mod_headers.xml: backport r1844401
Add basic testing for mod_session_cookie

    • ?
Basic tests for mod_usertrack.

(inspired by mod_unique_id)

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  1. /test/framework/trunk/t/htdocs/modules/usertrack
fr doc rebuild.

XML update.

Tweak test.

Check the answer and look for what is expected

STATUS: added item to the wishlist for
documentation rebuild
mod_headers.xml: clarify the difference between

onsuccess vs always

In PR 62380 a user was confused why Header set always

was not overriding a header set by a HTTP backend managed

via mod_proxy_http. The difference between 'onsuccess'

and 'always' is really subtle, even if somebody is familiar

with r->headers_out and r->err_headers_out and the httpd's


As Stefan mentioned over email, the absence of a "normalized"

headers list in the response should be explained, so I tried to

do so in this commit.

Add new method Apache::TestRequest::set_ca_cert()

to set up peer certificate verification for the

raw TLS socket.

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Basic tests for mod_speling
    • ?
  1. /test/framework/trunk/t/htdocs/modules/speling/nocase
  2. /test/framework/trunk/t/htdocs/modules/speling
At least make this formally a correct request.

The server should not actually process this second

request, but if it does it sounds nicer to get a

200 instead of a 400.

* modules/ssl/ssl_engine_init.c: Fix typo in log message.

Fix a shadow (and useless) variable.

Fix a cppcheck warning and a style issue.

* modules/md/md_acme_authz.c (md_acme_authz_update): Fix typo in log


Removing tests for specific ssl protocol as too dependant on system ssl vs. local ssl vs. propxy connections.

Make distclean work.

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    • ?
    • ?
Adjusting SSL Version expectations, fixing invoking of configured curl binary

work on configure to avoid local installs when system provides necessary components