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Changeset 1842007 is being indexed.

* include/httpd.h: Define HTTP_TOO_EARLY (425) per RFC 8470.

* modules/http/http_protocol.c (status_lines,

get_canned_error_string): Add 425 response.

Add notes for CVE-2018-11763
Try to be a bit more concise in OpenSSL 1.1.1/TLSv1.3 changes,

apportion blame/credit widely.

Apply transformations.

  1. … 252 more files in changeset.

ab: Add client certificate support.

Note new script params for
Should be all set now
documentation rebuild
mod_ssl.xml: bring balance to the force
Update the checking sha256 hash procedure after suggestions in dev@
XML file update.

Updates for announcement of 2.4.35
Drop SHA1 hashes link from httpd source download page
mod_ssl doc rebuild
mod_ssl.xml: fix TLS 1.3 RFC link

Suggested by the IRC Freenode user 'a-ja' on #httpd-dev

Add test for mod_data
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  1. /test/framework/trunk/t/htdocs/modules/data
Remove references of MD5 hashes for httpd releases

(but kept for other tarballs related to older projects)

and removed duplicate info about verification steps.

Remove MD5 traces from documentation and add a SHA256 tutorial.
MPMs: Initialize all runtime/asynchronous objects on a dedicated pool and

before signals handling to avoid lifetime issues on restart or shutdown.

PR 62658.

trunk patch:

2.4.x patch:

+1: ylavic, jim (but not for 2.4.35), minfrin

Vote and promote.



Vote and promote.

Add test for mod_buffer
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Adding change to INFO to mod_ssl logging backport porposal re strictsni checks

On the trunk:

mod_ssl: changing from APLOG_WARN to DEBUG to INFO after review.

backport proposal of log level adjust in mod_ssl re SSLStrictSNIVHostCheck