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update transformation

fix properties

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Fix properties, add missing html file

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update transformation

update transformation

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Post 2.4.35 tag updates
Tag HEAD of 2.4.x as 2.4.35
Get ready to tag httpd 2.4.35
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Remove affects 2.4.30 as that was an unreleased version (noticed by Tomas Hoger)

update transformations.
update for sync with English docs.

Translated by: Nilgün Belma Bugüner <nilgun>

Reviewed by: Orhan Berent <berent>

fix parameter name.
Rebuild fr doc.

XML update.

Rebuild fr doc.

XML update.

Add some compatibility information

(r1840964 in trunk)

+ remove an extra empty line to synch with trunk

Add some compatibility information
Add some tests for mod_allowmethods
    • ?
Backport proposal for some h2 minor code improvements.

'unlock' seems to work nowadays, so use it instead of 'forcefully_unlock_all'

Fix the way the 2nd client is handled. There was a typo between $dav and $d2 which explains why the tests were failing a few lines below.

The requests were made from the same client, which was holding the lock. So HTTP::DAV was right, the bug was in the testcase.

Axe now useless coments.

forget it...

Clean-up + new easy proposals
follow-up to r1656549.

Instead of logging a password (which is not a good practice), clarify the associated message

want more testing but so far, so good. Would not recommend it for this release yet, though

Merge r1840010 from trunk:

On the trunk:

mod_http2: connection IO event handling reworked. Instead of reacting on

incoming bytes, the state machine now acts on incoming frames that are

affecting it. This reduces state transitions.

Submitted by: icing

Reviewed by: icing, ylavic, jim


looks good. passes all tests and uses

make it "official"

Add 2.4.34 release date